How to Make Your Travel Complaint and Reviews Count

Travelling definitely brings happiness as well as hassles, and one will always confront issues beyond their control – hotel rooms not being up to the mark, tour operators not meeting the need of the customer, delayed airline departure or even poor services. We cannot do anything if these painstaking things happen to us.

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When such things happen, we should know where to turn to and where we can make a complaint, if the issue still remains unresolved and unattended. Read on to know some Crystal Travel reviews mentioned on few of these agencies, to know how to prevent it as well as how to face it, in case it happens.


Airline Complaint


No doubt, flying is the best mode of travel, but it seems passengers travelling by air have lot of issues and complains about the things that do not go their way. Be it expensive airfares, airport delays or lost luggage, these problems abide so that it is dealt with caution, wisdom and a fare solution.


Before even booking a flight, travellers should check the airline review and even ratings the same way they would do for a hotel. There are a number of sites, such as Trip Advisor, Feefo, Trust Pilot and Review Centre, where you can check the Crystal Travel feedback section.


Kindly Note: We advise you to store your airline’s telephone number in your mobile phones to that you can make a quick call when you face an issue. If your luggage goes missing, you can file a claim immediately before you leave airport.


Hotel Complaints


We all love a comfortable and undisturbed stay at the hotel we check into. The best way one can avoid a critical situation at the hotel is by engaging in a serious research. lists out the Crystal Travel complaints made by several clients.


Suppose something goes wrong after you book and you need to make a complaint or even express grievances, it is essential to know your rights. Just make your complaint immediately, before you check out. If the hotel fails to pay heed or note down your complaint, you can always email or call up again after you are back home.


Travel Agents Complaint


Travel agencies are mediators that make your travel plan easy and they are extremely helpful. Nevertheless, there are horrors that are attached even to travel agencies that open just to squeeze the money out of you and disappear without a trace. Book with agencies that are part of a large organization and have ATOL and IATA securities. With Crystal Travel review section, you are gaining experience with all the problems people face, even with tour operators.

Car Hire Complaints


Every deal and offer might carry a hidden cost, which should be known before hiring a car. Always read the terms and conditions of the rental clause and agreement. In case you have a complaint about the kind of treatment you received while renting a car, you can file a complaint or even mention it in the reviews. It does help a lot!

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