How To Spot Fake Online Reviews

I wanted to buy a smartphone. Immediately after going through the impressive features and specifications online, I scrolled down to the reviews section and read what various users wrote about the handset. I tell you, it is baffling to read mixed reviews, praises as well as negative reviews. I finally thought, it’s better to stick to the features the phone has.

Well, it’s true, that it has become a very common practice for us to read online feedbacks and reviews for different purpose. Whether you book a hotel, a flight, a car or a movie, a greater percentage of our decision relies on the reviews we read. If you read a good Crystal Travel review, it will perk you up, and negative reviews disappoint us. Hence, positive and personal reviews do result in financial fame and gain.

The crux is, not all reviews are genuine, some and many reviews can be fake, misleading customers about the product of the package. It’s like, spreading artificial grass, where grass cannot be grown. In our Crystal Travel feedback section you will find mixed reviews, which will definitely help you know what the users feel.

In this present age, there are flourishing retailers and manufacturers that frequently ask their customers to pen down positive reviews of their products or services at several websites. Even PR and advertising agencies have got in the act of appearing to be genuine as delighted consumers. Just as the faux flower seems to be genuine, but it is not.

Hence, there are some tips to help you to anticipate the difference between the read deal and the fake.

Analyse the language of the review:

The language of a genuine review tends to be more moderate while praising the product. Also, follow the user’s description and the experience he/she had while using the product. Authentic Crystal travel reviews provide precise information about how the product actually is. Be watchful of reviews with a formal model number, product names and the pushy marketing strategy.

Inspect the reviewer:

Some sites do go through a cross-reference user review with their customer or buyer and make it a point to label those as ‘genuine purchasers’ of that product. We also have a Crystal Travel complaint section, where customers can express their views and grievances for improvements and better services.

Note the timing and the number of reviews:

If you find praise words without limits, it can be a big ‘NO’ for a particular service or product, mainly it, the product is new. It does raise eyebrows and questions if the product shot up to fame in a brief span of time. One can easily make out that such reviews have been written by counterfeit critics, looking for the opportunity to create a stir with the promotion.

Don’t Even Trust Yourself:

Believe it or not, but now there is a computer program that detects fake hotel reviews just by inspecting the language. The algorithm is called ‘Review Skeptic’ and it show everything correct 95% times, but sad that we humans do perform poorly in giving out the true message and review.

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