How to Tour the City in Rains during Barcelona holidays

As the poem goes, ‘Rain in Spain, stays mainly on the plain’. Suddenly your eye turns towards the hotel window and you see the glass drenched in rain. Ah! The rains caught you at last in Spain, on your Barcelona city break.
Who would want to stay in the hotel and wait for the rain to go away? If you are here to see the city, then see the city somehow. Ask me how? There are ideas that can prove to be enthralling when you step out to admire Barcelona in the rains

Note the 5 best ideas for a rainy day in Barcelona:

A Stroll under the Gargoyles: Getting bored in the rain? Looking for some light activities? Let the faint-hearted take note that do not get scared during rains in Barcelona. The Gothic square has an intriguing and romantic feel in the rain. As the crowd fades away, the water starts dripping of the gargoyles. An old legend says that walking under the gargoyle water brings good luck.
Shopping: A ravishing yet popular idea on a rainy day. Get a cab and drive through the rains to your desired shopping destination. There are buses and 2 subway stations, but in a cab you can see the lifestyle of the city during every weather change. With flights to Madrid Spain, you’ll halt at an uptown shopping mall called L’illa Diagonal, where the elite gather. The feel is classy when you wade through the designer collections. Admire three floors of endless shopping and amazing food options in the basement.
Museums: Rains cause brainstorm as to where to spend a day other than your hotel room. Well ask me! Picasso museum can be an ideal option and buying tickets online is no big deal. Other than that, choose a less crowded option with the Roman ruins of the Museum of History. Many do prefer opting for the Sagrada Familia Church in the rain and marvel at the architecture there with raindrops falling in your eyes.
Hot Chocolate: With all inclusive Barcelona beach holidays what can be more rewarding for surviving a rainy day in Barcelona than a sinful cup of hot chocolate? It is the must-do of all rainy day activities for families in Spain. Spanish hot chocolate is really thick and cannot be drunk. You need to eat it with a spoon or dip some crunchy churros on it.
Park Guell: If walking under the gargoyles seem to be like a cakewalk, then you might want to give Park Guell a try, but make sure you have your mud-proof boots on or you’ll ruin your shoes. The best time to visit this park is during the sunny days. During rains there are no crowds and you may have to struggle to find a place to sit, or pose for a snapshot with the dragon fountain. Walk and stay fit during your Spanish festival holidays.
Don’t let a bit of the wet stuff keep you from getting out and enjoying Barcelona. Enjoy the 5 ways some ways you can still get the most out of the city without fighting with your umbrella. Warm up in cafes, duck in to a bar for a cocktail, visit a gallery, and dance to live music throughout the night. Barcelona will pull you back, for another season.

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