Interesting Castles of Europe to Visit

Sometimes mysterious, sometimes romantic, the castles of Europe evoke a palpable sense of both wonder and melancholy. The ancient stones of these castles are filled with history and enigma but not the stodgy old history of musty textbooks. Castles are past brought to life, an intuitive reminder that quests, battles and chivalry are not exclusive state of fantasy novels. Therefore, explore these castles of Europe where ancient history comes alive and are known for bedazing architecture.
Bojnice Castle, Slovakia
It is one of the oldest and recognized strongholds of Slovakia because Bojnice is a stunning 12th century medieval Castle that boasts of original Renaissance and Gothic foundations. The Castle stands on a travertine hill right above the town bordered by myriads of breathtaking water features and lush greenery. Simply the colorful setting and scintillating colors of Bojnice Castle are adequate to attract tourists to this most prized possession of the city.
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Truly a ‘castle of fairy-tales’, there is no other castle that can match up with the unmixed beauty of 19th century Neuschwanstein. It is set on a furrowed hill right above the village of Hohenschwangau in southwest Bavaria, Germany. This fort has towers and turrets that you would get to read in fairy-tales. The lavish interiors of the castle were inspired by Wagner’s operas and rooms accessible to visitors that still carry a certain kind of aura. No wonder it is still the most visited landmarks in Germany and of the renowned tourist attractions in Europe.
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Possibly it is iconic of all Scotland’s attractions because Edinburgh takes a dominant position on the top of volcanic Castle Rock that overlooks the county bringing out the real culture, heritage and beauty. It is a place that has truly played a vital role in history where the battles have been fought; a place lived by royals, a site that served as a military base and the headquarters in the 1600’s. The magnificence of castle is something that Scottish people should be proud of that lures visitors from all over the world.
Bran Castle, Romania
If you are fascinated by the legend of Count Dracula then Bran-Castle is must to explore. Located on the edge of Bran Pass in the neighborhood of Brasov, this castle is a national treasure and one of the famous landmarks of Romania. No doubt this fortress has been voted as the top tourist attraction of Romania due to its supernatural tales and eerie surroundings that lure thousands of visitors.
Budapest Castle, Hungary
It rises above the Danube River on the hills where Budapest is based, the historical complex of the castle and palace takes prominent position in the Hungarian capital. The castle was first finished in 1265 and lies in the complex of Hungarian kings in Budapest. This stunning site has been rebuilt and refurbished over the years as a result of fir in World War II. Today the interiors and exteriors are a blend of medieval and modern which is significant for the building.
Europe has hundreds of excellent castles known for their design, character and history. You’ll love   exploring them because some of them occupy the center of bustling cities while others lurk in its forgotten countrysides that make an interesting visit.

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