Las Vegas Apart from Cards Casinos and Clubbing

Vegas is identical with showgirls, blackjack gammon and clubbing that makes the phrase ‘fabulous Las Vegas’ quite vivid and happening. It’s truly a destination to get away with wild bachelor parties and endless entertainment. Well, all the glamour and the blinding light make it easy to forget that the Sin City is more than blackjack tables.
Crystal Travel puts together a guide to Las Vegas showing the other side of few favourite things you can do:

Fly a plane over Hoover Dam

If you think the wild roller coasters are a thrill, you haven’t experienced this! Wait till your pilot takes you over Hoover Dam and does those barrel rolls. You will positively bear in mind your flight adventure in Vegas.

Operate an Excavator

You may recall playing with excavators and bulldozers as a kid. A company in Las Vegas thinks one should go back to childhood memories and lets you operate the controls of an actual machine. It is a gripping experience filled with fun.

The Downtown Art Scene

In the early 2000s, the Downtown Las Vegas was avoided. People went there to register their marriage. The present Downtown has allured people into the jovial unification of stores, entertainment galleries, restaurants and food courts. The Friday Art Festival draws 20,000 people per month and expands up to 18 blocks.

Try the Zipline

Apart from the art, you can be a little daring too. Hit the Freemont Street to admire classic hotels, neon signs and light show from 70 feet high. Among all these, look out for a 12-story high SlotZilla, from where you can hook up to the 850 foot long zipline. Wear your smile while zooming through!

Get Wet

Las Vegas pools are highly tempting, but if you want to explore an old fashioned thrill, head towards Wet n Wild. It was once considered closed in 2004 but re-opened in 2013 with a jaw-dropping renovation and innovation.
Experience funnel slide and being catapulted through a 45-feet funnel. The Rattler can be your favourite as you go down the 360-feet twists and turns before launching into the pool.
Get tanned by relaxing on tubes and enjoy floating down the Lazy River; or try out riding on the waves in the Wave Pool. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen around the park.

The Dam Tour

The Hoover Dam marks the epitome of engineering and provides water to Nevada, Arizona and California. Each year, millions of visitors visit this majestic structure. The tour begins with a short film and then you go deep down into the canyon. Explore huge pipes that transfer huge gallons of water.

Las Vegas at Sunset

A Vegas view atop the Frenchman Mountain at sunset is magnificent. The hike begins from Make Mead Boulevard, which is 8 miles east. Right from the parking lot you can spot a road heading up the mountain. It’s a total climb of 1600 feet that makes a lot of workout. Our advice is that you carry a headlamp and hang around for the sunset. Watch the glittering lights of the city as they light up gradually as darkness falls.

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