Learn How you can make your travel complaint count

Who will hate the idea of going on a holiday trip with their friends and family. But while travelling, many a times we all face problems which are beyond our control and there is no way of Turning Your Hell into a Successful Holiday So, in order to help our customers, here’s how you can make your voice heard!

  1. Hotel Complaints

  • Based on our liking and disliking, we all experience certain problems related to hotel services, food, interior, etc. So, in a situation like this it’s always important to know our rights

  • it’s always important to complaint immediately, while you are still at the place. Because it’s always more effective to talk to someone in person, then making complaints after months

  • Based on Crystal Travel reviews, It’s always a good idea to upload snapshots of the problem you are facing as it will help you to bolster your case

  • If the hotel staff ignores your complaint, continue to follow up by sending them mails or by phone

  • if the hotel staff fails to resolve the issue, then you can bring your dispute to the Better Business Bureau in the U.S or to your own country’s local consumer protection agency

  1. Airline Complaints

Unfortunately, nowadays we see a lot of complaints by the air travellers. Based on the Crystal Travel Feedback, here’s how you can deal with some of the most common problems, like loss of luggage, delayed luggage or overbooking of flights.

  • Before making the booking, we usually don’t check the ratings. But it’s always a good idea to read about it or to know more about the airline you are choosing
  • Based on Crystal Travel Complaints, we always suggest our customers to programme their airline’s phone number into their cell phone so that in case of any misshaping or problem, they can immediately share their problem or concern
  • it’s always a bad idea to wait for the perfect time. Raise your voice, before it gets too late.
  • if the airline fails to resolve the issue, continue to follow up by sending mails or by phone. If the issue gets bigger, you can always complain to the Aviation Consumer Protection Division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, or try reaching your government transportation agency.

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