Let Shanghai Grip You with Top Seven Attractions

Shanghai is a city that is truly larger than life and the attractions conjugate to form majestic historical sites and present architecture. Before booking cheap tickets to Shanghai, come face to face with top 10 attractions which are popular with local visitors as well as foreign tourists. You will find a collection of water cities, historical sites as well as the modern attractions of Shanghai.
Chenghuang Temple
The Chenghuang Temple mainly consists of several mind-boggling halls that act as a maze to awe-inspire travellers. With two amazing and vast gardens, the west and east garden, the attraction bestows an amazing influence on the locals as well as on the international tourists.
The Water Town of Zhujiajiao
The Zhujiajiao Water Town is preserved as the primitive water town which is famous among the four towns in Shanghai. The business flourished and the Ming Dynasty prospered. The present Zhujiajiao town has become tranquil and quite exquisite. With flights from London to Shanghai, tourists have claimed to have enjoyed walking on the zigzag pathway and well as spending quality time at the lanes of the city. You will imagine as if you are walking into an artistic creation, or moreover into a fairy land. Marvel at tiny houses that goes back to the imperial times.
The French Concession Region
Labelled as a French colonial region of the ancient days, it is tagged as the charm of modern Shanghai and a spectacular place to explore European architecture, cafe & restaurants, shopping arcades as well as opulent markets selling every product and merchandise you need. Book cheap flights to China and marvel at the present attractions.
Nanjing Road
If anything tops the list of important places in China, Nanjing Road takes the first place. Notable as the most important tourist street in Shanghai, this amazing stretch goes from the stunning Bund area to the People’s Park. The road consists of some of the most popular shopping streets that are built marvellously. Nanjing Road consists of two parts – The East and the West Nanjing Road. The East Nanjing Road is blessed with stylish restaurants and cafes. 
The famous Central market also abides very close, specialising in electronic components and other renowned shops. On the other hand, the West Nanjing Road consists several buildings, shopping centres, plush hotels and food courts. Fly with Shanghai flights from London and admire ancient as well as the modern world of Chinese culture and attractions.
Xintiandi nestles among the imposing buildings and the bustling downtown. Apart from structures, there are restaurants, cafes and bars, entertainment centres that are overflowing here. The place has an urban attraction that attracts tourists from all over. The place also holds unusual buildings that capture the attention of photographers who love to click its walls and the designs of tiles.
Yuyuan Garden
This staggering garden was established within the Ming Dynasty rule and till the present time it was considered as the best garden in South-east China. The garden itself has its share of attractions which includes Sansui Hall, Grand Rockery, Exquisite Jade Rock and Stone City and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.
Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower
Believe it or not, the 1535 foot high tower is the third highest in the world. The tower faces the Bund that overlooks the famous Huangpu River. With such a complex structure, admirable image and colourful shades of blue and green. There are three main sights of interest where tourists can enjoy while flying in with tickets to China: A revolving restaurant, science fantasy world, aerial sightseeing corridor and municipal history museum.
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