Luxurious Holiday at Low Price is Possible

All of us, at some point or the other yearn for for a luxurious holiday such as a romantic holiday and getaways. But splashing it out and squandering money becomes a major hurdle. Sadly, but truly, the words such as ‘lavish or luxury’, ‘vacation and cheap’ hardly go together. But newlyweds do dream bring than they can actually afford.
According to hotel reviews and surveys, the average total cost of a honeymoon package rings around £4101 per couple. Trips to Borneo and Botswana range between £1800-2200 per person.

Luxury Holidays: an Experience, not Expenditure

For those of us who spend time marvelling at wonderful places and its sceneries on Google, are there any ways to enjoy the best of high life for few pounds? Famous celebrities and rockstars have commented that a luxury holiday is not much about the destination, but the overall experience of where and how you choose to stay.
To some, a luxury holiday equals a 5-star treat and services; to other’s it maybe a beach-hut vacation, savouring a local cuisine and enjoying bonfire to the sound of waves.
But at some point or the other, it does narrow down to having a comfortable bed beneath your tired body, amazing food, refreshing shower and maybe a cruise tour that may let out your cash a bit more. But, enjoying such a life is absolutely possible at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Here’s What You Need to Know

Here’s something for you, the most excellent and quickest way to save costs for your luxury holiday is to be alert towards end of season breaks (in easy words – don’t travel during peak season; travel after the peak season), reserve for yourself cheap flights as early as possible, so the money you save, can go towards your accommodation.
It’s totally a case of a very clever travel. It’s just a matter of your chess move, keeping an eye and then cleverly making that move to win.

Try Innovative B&Bs

Long-haul trips tend to become expensive due to the cost of flying and there’s nothing left to pay for your accommodation. Next trump card is, travel during shoulder season. If you want to hit the heavenly Europe, it is tremendously beautiful in autumn, not very crowded; its warm and accommodation prices go down.
Let the lavish hotels and opulent night stays be in their place, as there are waves of B&B’s popping up, promising to offer a more cosy, personal and state-of-the-art experience than you may expect.

Crystal Travel UK – Your One-Stop Affordable Travel Deal Shop

No doubt, lavish B&B’s can actually be extremely reasonable compared to other hotels. Everything around you is furnished and furbished, offering you a glorious hospitality and service. It’s totally ‘a home, away from home’; and that’s what makes it so special.
To mark such luxury vacations and getaways, use your celebration towards your advantage. It’s not always you crave for a little lavishness. Do you?
Crystal Travel UK is concerned about your ‘low-cost luxury holiday’ and how you can save more, to use it for the best. We strive to offer you anything that’s better and not over your budget.
If you don’t have any definite destination in mind, explore what’s on flash-sale at our website, to grab a good discount on travel deals.

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