Machu Picchu: Treading on the Sky-kissing Citadel in Peru

Penetrating deep into the eerie and bizarre ruins to find something exciting

Leaving marks on the soil of Machu Picchu is every person’s dream. Well, it has got every reason to be a dream destination, inviting frequent flight to Peru. Roosted high amidst the murky misty mountains of Peru, these age-old ruins are shrouded in mystery. Everybody has the same question – How were these massive boulders placed atop the mountains? How were these gigantic structures carved with such excellence and purity? What’s the significance of this strange place?

Well, google does help in with all the information, but nothing is as enchanting and intriguing as discovering and encountering it in person. Whether you wish to trek uphill or explore the sites on your own, there are several ways to engage in the Machu Picchu excursion.

So, which is the best time to go?

The second question that triggers every mind – Which is the best time to visit Machu Picchu? Well, anytime of the year can be great, but the Peruvian climate is notably erratic. All of a sudden you experience a gleaming sun when it’s showering, and the next moment there can be torrid rains when it’s parched and dry. The month of December is brilliant with a bright, golden sun and of course, the heat.

Alternatively, February is quite cool with the rains when the mountains are enveloped with fog. Frankly speaking, no month ensures a perfect weather, but book tickets to Peru much in advance, in order to avoid last minute rush. Just follow these points, if you’re planning to visit this place:

The rains pour from October to April. This is the low season for visitors, but rains and fogs are a risk always. May to September is the dry season, which emits sunshine, hence, the crowd grows.

It’s early morning from 6am – 8am and late afternoon from 2pm – 4pm, when the crowd is scanty with very less activities.

Kindly make a note, that the Inca Trail (also known as Camino Inca) shuts down in February every year for conservation and sustenance.

Where to stay?

Hey, Machu Picchu is not all about ruins and deserted spots. The Machu Picchu town came into being as a result of accommodating tourists swarming in by cheap flights to Peru. Apart from a fist full of stay options, there are several budget rooms as well as hi-end hotels. A few names that are not so pricey are:

  • Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel
  • Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel
  • Belmond Sanctuary Lodge Hotel
  • El MaPi by Inkaterra Boutique Hotel Machu Picchu
  • Casa Del Sol Boutique Hotel Machu Picchu
  • Rupa Wasi Lodge Machu Picchu
  • Gringo Bill’s Hotel Machu Picchu 

The Must Do’s & Must See’s

Whether you are flocking into Peru from UK, USA, any part of the European Region or arriving within the South American region, your first and foremost stop on the way to Machu Picchu is Cusco. This eye-pleasing ancient city was the capital of the Inca Empire at one time and an amalgamation of the old and the new. Authentic Incan grain and gravel now lay merged with the colonial bricks infused in the primitive historical buildings and cathedrals all over the town. Hence, the must-do’s and must-see’s in Cusco with cheap tickets to Peru, are:

  • Wander the Plaza de Armas
  • Explore the cherished temple of Qorikancha
  • Check out Convento de Santo Domingo
  • Stroll at the fruit stalls at the Mercado Central de San Pedro
  • Take in the national drink – Pisco Sours
  • Discover Saksaywaman
  • Marvel over age-old masterpieces including ‘The Last Supper’
  • Meander through the striking Museo de Arte PreColombio

Inside the Ruins

As you pass through the entrance, you can either turn left or move straight uphill, or even turn right. If you take the left, you come across Caretaker’s Hut and the Funerary Rock that offers a spectacular view of Machu Picchu. In case you’re up early, the sunrise will surely enthral you and you’ll be encountered by some early trekkers who have landed for the same.

From a particular perspective, you’ll be able to take in the entire layout of Machu Picchu, its agricultural and urban region. Head towards the main section of the ruins, towards the burial grounds and the habited place of the Inca tribe. Isn’t this similar to the famous Tomb Raider video game series?

Located in the Andean mountains, Machu Picchu stands tall as an iconic status as one of the magical places to explore the ancient Incan ruins. The spell-binding, grand and strange ruins have bewitched historians, explorers and researches for several years.

Expanded over 13 km², Machu Picchu is a treasure of engrossing sites and people visiting can spend several hours moving around, being awed in the town of fascination. Let’s take you to the third question people ask – What other things can we do other than exploring Machu Picchu with Peru flights? So, here are some of the things one can do:

Visit the Sun Gate

Contemplated to be one of the most significant features on the ruins, the spine-chilling stairs leading up to the Sun Gate is considered as a place for entry and exit to the city. In one word – the Sun Gate is totally mesmerizing.

Ascend Huayna Picchu

Do you remember the movie ‘Where Eagle’s Dare’? Well, to experience Machu Picchu from a great height, you need to be atop Huayna Picchu. Positioned right behind the city, the climb is usually straight and needs no special training or ability. 

Walk over the Inca Bridge

Constructed as an obscured entrance for the Incan Army, the bridge is cut into the cliff-faced rock towards the west trail of MP. Simply speaking, there is no bridge, rather a stony path carved out of the jagged rocks. Trekkers walking on the bridge come across a 30-foot drop. It’s blood-curdling! The gap is covered with tree trunks, making the crossover quite smooth.

Capture Watchman’s Hut

This is the first thing you come across as you enter the city. This is the perfect place to enjoy a fabulous view of the entire city, which should not be missed.

Visit the Temple of the Sun

Truly an excellent place to visit with flights from London to Peru. The Sun Temple is situated close to the fountain and showcases some of the finest stone works ever preserved.

Enjoy the Fountains

Oozing from the natural and fresh spring waters by 800 metres of stone outlets, Machu Picchu feels alive with a fountain that fills up 18 baths. These baths were used as ritual cleansing and purification.

Admire Temple of Three Windows

Tucked away in the Royal Zone, the Temple of Three Windows is also famed as the ‘Sacred Plaza’. Like the other structures, the Temple of the Three Windows consists of several larger blocks, weighing up to 4 tons. A legend goes around, that since the 3 windows were cut out perfectly, Bingham believed that these windows represent the three fictitious caves from where the sons of the sun came down.

Explore the Intihuatana

One of the most noticeable spots in Machu Picchu, the Intihuatana was used as a sundial by the Inca tribe. Quite impressive!

Enjoy a thrilling Zipline in Santa Teresa

Ascending the Inca Trail is not a child’s play. With an enjoyable 45-minute train ride or a 3-hour hike to the town of Santa Teresa, you can engage in an adventurous ziplining right across the riveting Sacsara River and get refreshed with a thermal bath. Book UK to Peru flights and re-live the moments of yore.

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