Majorca – A Reason Perfect to Rejoice on an Ideal Spain Holiday

 A place second to none with its ever rising poetic charm, Majorca is the place to escape with love of your life on an eternal romantic trail.
Shining with its opulent natural landscape, Majorca is one of the most travelled and largest of Balearic Islands settled in the Mediterranean Sea in Spain.
The island is much adored for its spell binding natural beauty and incomparable diving sites, sailing and golf resorts which make you ideal holiday trip to Spain an absolute retreat.

Why Majorca A Popular Holiday Destination?

Covered all around with captivating green mountains – the Serra de Tramuntata, and the stunning rocky shore of Cover Del Dranch, the biggest lake in Mediterranean, Majorca is indeed an experience of a lifetime. Majorca is often referred to as Mallorca and regarded as the island of calms by the patrons who love coming to the place to enjoy a wide range of leisure centres, nature parks and outstanding natural caves.

Popular Attractions in Majorca to Visit with Holiday Deals 2013

Palma Aquarium – Palma de Mallorca

All inclusive holiday to Majorca brings you up and close with some of the most lovable sea life of Mediterranean Sea at the world-famous Palma Aquarium at Palma de Mallorca. The aquarium is home to hundreds of sea creatures which are kept here not just to showcase them to the public but also to protect their generations. From the Big Blue section of guitar sharks, manta rays, barracudas to the most intriguing one – Dining with the Sharks, you cannot get enough of the fascinating divisions of this gigantic aquarium in one time.

Magaluf Beach Resort

Magaluf is the region of the most buzzing and sought after beach resort of Majorca, known for its expansive silvery shoreline, exceptional shopping streets and a diverse night life. The town has everything to strike an instant chord with the travellers so much that some of them could never come out of the magnetic spell of the island and became a permanent resident of Magaluf.

Puerto de Pollenca – Pollenca Bay

Engulf your senses with the most picture perfect fishing village of Majorca, Pollenca and its marvellous bay that sees throngs of visitors coming every year with direct flights to Majorca from UK and other places. Pollenca is the birthplace of the famous poet Miguel Costa i Lobera that makes it a favourite among artists who re-gather to feel the inspiration of this charismatic sea and its beautiful flora and fauna. What adds to the overall experience of the holidayers are the finest of restaurants in Majorca that serve some amazing fish cuisines of the world.

Coves del Drach

Majorca has some outstanding caves and ruins and one such fantastic site is Coves del Drach. Comprising the biggest underwater sub-Mediterranean lake in the world – the lake Martel, Coves del Drach is the most spectauclar natural attraction of Majorca. Pamper your soul with the enchanting light shows and concerts held at the lake often.

Western Park

A holiday trip to Majorka becomes all the more rewarding with a visit to the biggest Theme Park of Majorca – the Western Park. Believe it or not, it’s not just a water park but an exotic web of blue lagoons, channels and unique lake-style swimming pools. The place is also popular for some more interesting features like the sea lion shows and other various lively shows held round the year.

Pristine Escape into the Crystal Blue Sea Water

 There are ample scenic beaches in Majorca spread all across the town making it an ideal beach holiday destination.  Among all which steel the show are:
• C’an Picafort
• Magaluf Beach
• Cala Ratjada Beach
For those still thinking about giving it a shot, budget flights to Majorka is another motivation to pack bags for an ultimate holiday bash in Spain.

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