Make Economy Class Feel like First Class

How about promoting yourself from Economy Class to First Class while travelling in Economy Class? Let your envy fade out when you walk past the First Class cabin. May the royal seats, luxury toilets, amazing food and service not let you down if you’re not living the hi-fi life onboard. The 10 secret tips to make your economy experience almost as the First Class.

Your Travel Pillow

A nice comfortable pillow can make you drop dead on your bed when it comes to sleeping, allowing you to save you from a sprain in the neck. Avoid long-haul, thin and cushions that tend to slip down as you fall asleep.
Instead of something bulky and big go for a normal-shaped pillow – maybe an inflatable pillow. Such pillows give ample space, room for your luggage and comfortable neck support.

Invest in inflatable foot rest

Keeping your feet steady and intact is very important while travelling. It saves joint pains and inflation. Therefore, get your feet raised slightly to aid circulation.

Move to an Empty Seat

Be wise to lookout for free seats! Of course, three seats are definitely better than one. You can easily raise the arm rest and lie down occupying the full row. So keep a watch, to move to another seat.

Treat Yourself with Goodies

Plane food might never impress you. Do yourself a favour by purchasing some snacks/luxury from the duty-free shops to carry on the plane. Such goodies can make a grand difference in mid air.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Two things can be of botheration while flying – a talkative person and a crying baby. These can truly cut your time of relaxation onboard. A noise cancelling headphone can be a boon to fill your senses with some soothing music. Don’t you desire a journey with pin drop silence?

Wise choice of seats before boarding flights

Rush for a window seat to avoid a frequent visitor to the toilet. Even assuming that the exit row is best, can be a wrong perception. Such seats may have the enlarged leg room, but they don’t recline. You can also consider the seat where someone in front of you won’t recline towards you.

Carry your Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks blind you to the surrounding light, giving deep rest and soothingness not only to your eyes, but mind and body as well. Purchase a pricier one so that it’s not too tight obstructing your eyeballs.

Carry your own blanket

Flights are comfortable and they can be chilly. The blankets that are provided won’t kill the cold as they are quite thin. So get your own cosy blanket and dream away into utter comfortness.

Slipper socks

The in-flight free socks are thin and feeble. To feel the relief under your feet, get your own to walk around the plane.

Pamper yourself with some toiletries

Don’t we love to fiddle with our toiletries? Oh yes, we do! Try and keep some under eye gel, face spritz, tired eye drops, lip-balm and face wipes to keep yourself ever fresh. Always stay hygienic and hydrated to stay moist and lively for your journey.

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