Driving right through the countryside with Malta city breaks, you spot a white city in the distance that rests atop a hill posing as a wedding cake dipped in icing from the edge. It is one of the highest points on the Malta Island.
The city dates back 4000 years, blessed with ruins and historic sights of the Phoenicians and Normans. It is also believed that St. Paul the Apostle once lived here.

Let’s Introduce Mdina to You

With flights to Malta from UK this can be your favourite places in Malta – the stunning immaculate city is the oldest inhabited city on the island. Admire the architectural influence throughout the city as well as keep your eyes on the sea.
Known as the ‘Silent City’ due to the invasion of the Knights, the flourishing capital city became a ghost town. The silent status is taken very seriously. Very few cars are allowed to enter the city walls and the economy has strict regulations. Lookout for the signs requesting silence all over.
Mdina’s Norman influence pops up in various locations all over the city. Marvel at the primordial churches and gothic structures in this part of Europe. With holidays to Malta as you meander through the city you can come across a lot of Maltese doors and their door knockers. Giant lion’s head and dolphin door knockers are very common and popular. Very rarely you may spot a seahorse.

What to do in Mdina Malta?

Mdina is a city that is best captured when you drown in the backstreets. Just keep heading along an alley to see where it leads. Use your camera quite well and just imagine how life would have been at the time of the Knights.
Be sure to stop at Fontanella for a delicious hazelnut stuffed strawberry meringue. Visiting Mdina during the day is not enough – you need to hit back during the night as well.
Come to Mdina Malta in the evening and you will enjoy the serenity of the streets in the romantic lamps. Enjoy the natural silence and gather memories.
Mdina is the special city and one cannot just stop at Malta. Getting lost in the silent town is a sheer joy. Many are the reasons to come back. Fontanella is open until late. Make this a vital part of your Malta holidays for sure.

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