Unearth the Ionic Italian Charisma with Free Things to do in Florence

Florence, an exotic stretch across the capital of the iconic Italian region Tuscany, is getting worldwide attentions as a pioneer destination in Europe for  holidays over the years. Impressed so many writers, poets and painters, the city has a complete set of charmers to drive travelers crazy.

A divine atmosphere circling this town of glorious settings, relic edifices continuously portraying the nation’s significant antiquity dated back to golden era, a very distinctive colorful culture full of interesting rituals and fests, unmatched love for art, stunning regions to make shopper die for, vibrant dining scenes, and a lot more that can keep travelers busy for extreme long;  offerings of Italy’s one of the most dynamic city, Florence are indeed beyond imagination.

However, if your budget is quiet limited and you have spent most of it in flights and hotels bookings, and now looking for explore this big-hearted at simply no cost, don’t just feel low. Travelers can find a plethora of things to do in Florence that they can enjoy without paying a single penny. Meanwhile, after telling reader how to enjoy in Rome at no cost, Crystal Travel’s experts are now ready to tell you free things to do in Florence.

Five Free Things to Do in Florence

1. Soak in the Essence of Florence Fabulous Culture Listening Musicians in the Piazza
Florence is undoubtedly the sensation of Europe and listening great music here is really one of the best things one can do. Across the bustling boulevards of piazzas in Florence, tourist can easily get a number of cool musicians spreading love in the air through their beautiful performances. Stroll around the cobblestone streets, the Piazza della Signoria, Uffizzi Gallery and you will catch a mesmerizing scene full of numerous guitarists, rock bands and jazz performers, and everything just at no cost.

2. Pay a visit to San Miniato Al Monte
Perching over the tallest ends of the city, San Miniato Al Monte lets travelers to capture the inescapable views of the town. Its attractive Romanesque architecture takes you decades back and you get the chance to explore one of Europe’s finest churches while enjoying your holidays without spending a single euro. Stroll down to the row of captivating Cyprus trees and don’t just forget to visit the adjoining monastery. Every evening, there is an exclusive chanting session organized by the monastery’s monks.

3. Consume Free Pegs of Thrilling Tuscan Wines at Enoteca Alessi
If you love drinking, authentic Tuscan wine can be your dream, but it’s not a cheap dream. However if you are visiting Enoteca Alessi, a dynamic wine bar in the Via delle Oche region, you can surely have sips from big range of Tuscan wine completely free. Check in between 5pm to 7pm at any day of the week and ask for sample drinks.

4. Scroll the Pages of History in Florence’s Museums at Woman Day For Free
Florence functions as the house of history, art and culture for whole nations and you can easily discover making a visit to high number of numerous museums present in the town. The Accademia, Galleria Degli Uffizi, Bargello Museum, Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, Museo di San Marco  the Uffizi Gallery, the Pitti Palace and many more are just some of world-famous museums exist in the town. If anyhow you’re visiting the town around International’s woman day, you can surely sneak in most of these at simply no price at all as several museums allow free entrance on February 8th.

5. Not Money, Spend Quality Time around the Boboli Gardens
The Boboli Gardens, a plush green stretch in Tuscany’s capital in Italy, houses a myriad of antique sculptures connecting the shadows of late Roman for the tourists coming here on holidays. Move Further and visit inside the Pitti Palace and assure crème of top free things to do in Florence.

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