Marvel the Eternal Historic Spell of Portugal with Flights to Porto

With its spell binding charm, Porto fascinates everyone on a holiday trip to Portugal beyond their expectations. A day spent at this second largest city of Portugal takes you to the unparalleled scenic landscapes spread across stretches of the ever gorgeous river Douro. The beauty of this city reaches another level when merges immaculately with its stimulating historic art and architecture.
Porto embraces its timeless heritage with utmost grace and dignity and houses the mesmerizing UNESCO World Heritage site that’s the historic centre of Porto. An all inclusive holiday trip to Porto allows you to dive into the pool of unending natural charisma.
People head to this enchanting city with flights to Porto for an added blow of amusement on a vacation in Portugal with their loved ones.

5 Best Places to Visit in Porto with Budget Holiday Deals

Travelling to Porto cannot be complete without taking a stroll to some of the most celebrated locations that have an everlasting appeal that no one wishes to miss for an intriguing holidaying experience in the town.

Cafe Majestic

Founded in 1921, Cafe Majestic is Porto’s emblematic cafe that still holds the charm that never fails to influence the visitors, leaving them absolutely speechless. Located in Santa Catarina Street, one of the busiest pedestrian streets in Porto, Café Majestic is a must stop for the people who have a flair for most classy dining ambiance to have unforgettable foodie delight.

Bolhao Market

Feel the primeval times of the East European markets on your Europe vacations exploring the local Bolhao Market where you’ll find everything, from fish to flowers, from decorative sea shells to mouth watering fruits. You can’t ask for more from the market which represents the traditional Portugalian lifestyle in its true form.

Lello Bookshop

Get under the skin of magnificent regal past of Porto with a stroll alongside imperial Lello Bookshop that comes as a surprise package for the nomads. Don’t forget to visit this one-of-a kind bookshop set in a Neo-Gothic façade cuddled with two spectacular structures making Lello one of the most stunning bookshops in the world. One can spend hours browsing the distinctive book collection here, having a cup of coffee upstairs next to the camellias, gawking at the strikingly pretty stairs of Lello.

Sao Bento Train Station

Another completely enticing site that offers the travellers an extra dose of excitement is the Sao Bento Train Station. The station premise with its compelling works of art embracing the walls from top to bottom is worth a visit on a family holiday trip to Porto.  The huge walls covered in azulejos, blue and white tiles depict significant moments from Portugal history.

The Stock Exchange Palace

Flights to Porto get you close to the dramatic Palacio da Bolsa, the iconic Stock Exchange Palace of Porto. You certainly cannot get enough of what this arresting place holds in its store to offer. The interior of this gigantic palace gets beautiful with every step passed and denies to leave you uninfluenced by its sheer elegance; no wonder it took three generations of Portugese artists to complete this awe-inspiring structure.

Penetrate the Arty Core of Porto with Best Holiday Deal

Porto is a marvellous city bustling with infinite architectural marvels which are hard to resist while holidaying in this incredible district of Portugal. Places like The Town Hall Square, Crystal Palace Park etc are few other examples of the matchless artistic legacy of this magnificent picturesque town.

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