Medview Airline is a Beacon of Hope for the World

It was once taken for granted that commencing an airline industry in Nigeria, especially in the sector of domestic flights is next to impossible. This kind of approach was raised as well as investigated as failure to bear the heat, which made airlines to malfunction. Another reason was to continue airline business with the lack of enough strategy of what airline industry is all about. Several owners could not manage airlines with international standards due to flamboyant lifestyle and lavish use of funds, and also unable to maintain a healthy competition from competitor.
Simultaneously, the airlines have also blamed the authorities and the government for creating inhospitable atmosphere with negative policies such as excess taxation, pricey fuel, loose deals to international carriers unequal Air Agreements.
Among all these issues and protocols, one evident thing is that several airlines worldwide that seem to be doing so well, have gone through the thick and thin and have stood the test of time. But through sturdy determination, planning and management, the airlines have overcome numerous challenges and escalated in the business, making heads turn.
Despite all these hurdles and odds, hats off to those few remaining domestic airlines that did not loose hope and did not go up. Hope, actually is not lost and airlines can make a mark and an impact if they are strong enough to handle the aviation business successfully such as the performance of Medview Airline.
Medview Airline, that went through all the odds long back ago when it got named as a chartered airline and then made its way towards Hajj rescue operations, finally being transformed into a full-fledged airline. Since then, against all trials and odds, Medview continued to mould itself into complete professionalism and show the world how an airline can manage every cost.
Being illustrious as the best Nigerian airline by the Middle eastern authorities in fulfilling all the requirements during Hajj operations and carrying out undisturbed airlift programs without any glitch.
Since the airline has been plying on the London Gatwick – Lagos route, the tale so far has been tremendously impressive, bearing in mind the facts that London Heathrow is the leading airport, but Medview has been performing brilliantly on London Heathrow route as well as Gatwick London. Passengers and aviation authorities, both have commended these routes as the best routes.
The airline claims to have seats full and hence, there are plans to bring in B747 to keep the route active for Nigerians who plan home-coming in the months of November and December. There was a busy run for Medview during the Umrah in Jeddah and ran a chartered schedule for Saudi Arabia. From now, Medview will be looking at four more aircrafts with lot of movements in the air and at West Africa and Mali.
In conclusion, Medview hit hard with this statement, that positively there is not doubt that domestic carriers can do an amazing business, understanding the present need, scenario and mind of people. Hence, Medview Airline is not only just another airline in the industry, it is a landmark and an icon for other airlines as well.
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