Nairobi Incredible Beauty of Legends and Wildlife

Nairobi is one nature blessed cosmopolitan cities in the world, endowed with greenery and soothing ambience that brands it as “the Green City in the Sun”. The name emerged from an expression which means “the place of cool waters”.

With flights to Nairobi, explore one of the charming cities of Kenya blessed with wildlife that makes it an outstanding safari destination. Nairobi is blessed with a judicious climate which makes it one of the preferred holiday destinations.

Attractions Worth Exploring

Nairobi has abundant tourist attractions, alluring explorers from around the globe. For the past few years, Nairobi’s fame as a tourist destination has increased and travellers from around the world have started to board to cheap flights to Nairobi.

The National Museum

Nairobi is home to a number of museums, sites, monuments and sanctuary for animals. The Nairobi National Museum is one of the famous and the prime attractions in the city. It houses outsized compilation of artefacts representing Kenya’s affluent legacy through history, environment, background, primitive lifestyle and fashionable art.

Tourists from around the globe board flights from London to Nairobi to enjoy the natural beauty of Nairobi and carry back memories to cherish.

Nairobi National Park

Among the most prominent places of interest, the Nairobi national park is totally exceptional. It is unique, as this solitary game-reserve borders the capital city, or a city of this size. The national park is a reserve to over 400 species of bird and several other animals. Indisputably, the Nairobi Safari Walk is a leading allurement for visitors and a vital part of the Nairobi National Park, as it offers a rare walking experience with the exotic animals around.

The Giraffe Manor

The other attractions of Nairobi are the safari park, the giraffe centre and the Bomas of Kenya that can be witnessed even with last minute flights to Nairobi. The Bomas of Kenya is a village that displays wealthy cultural principles of the assorted Kenyan tribal groups. Nairobi also has many parks and open spaces all over the city. A great portion of the city has dense trees and ample green spaces which also attract visitors.

Revive in the Revitalizing Nairobi

Due to the recent growth in the number of tourists, there is an alteration among the hotels in Nairobi. A number of hotels, backpackers hostels, guest houses and lodges have sprung up catering to the needs and budgets of every visitor. Budget hotels in Nairobi and transport facilities have been operating in abundance for the convenience of its guests. Book London to Nairobi flights from Fly Africa and economical car hires to save a huge amount of your hard-earned money and utilize it elsewhere for your loved one, by shopping for a souvenir or a curio.

Nairobi is popularly known as the ‘safari capital of the world’. One of the greenest cities on the planet is blessed with a flourishing wildlife. Nairobi is a popular tourist destination. Travellers and holidaymakers from every corner of the globe flock to holiday in Nairobi, as time spent there, is a life-changing experience.

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