New York was damn exciting, that too on a budget!!!

Ways to enjoy the Big Apple without blowing the budget

Yes, London, Paris and New York can be expensive, but there are ways to get the best out of them too. With tickets to New York, it was my first trip, that too, out of Europe and it was just amazing. I have always pondered on the fact, that how to cherish even the most expensive city on the planet?

This time the Big Apple proved it. Stepping into NYC was a dream come true. Sky-kissing skyscrapers, bright yellow taxis, sidewalk hot-dogs, vivid neon lights and much more. Similar to other lavish metropolitans, New York is expensive, but I hope my tips can help you while you visit one of the most enchanting US cities. So, where do we start?

See, Do & Experience

New York Flights

New York doesn’t like to let down anyone. Hence, the city offers numerous places to visit for free. Times Square is the first name that crosses the mind. A confusion of neon lights, billboards and honking cabs. The sight is stunning, until you realise a few Hollywood movies that were shot here. Other than TS, the Grand Central Station, St. Patrick’s Cathedral are equally stupendous, not forgetting the lush Central Park and it’s maze of pathways and hidden attraction, even a lake. Yes, a lake!!!

The famous Brooklyn Bridge attracts several neighbourhoods for free events, movie screenings and concerts. The High Line is an ancient railway track that takes visitors for a guided tour and educates about the city and it’s design. Book cheap tickets to New York gather long-lasting memories.

New York can be extremely fun with walking and cycling tours. These two tours cover several areas of the city. The best part – these tours are free, but you can tip your guide or offer a gift.

The city is also home to the big boys including the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. It’s might cost a little, but worth exploring.

Calling all Culture Vultures

It’s just $20 entrance to New York’s grand museums and some places such as Guggenheim even have ‘pay if you wish’. The Botanical Garden, the 9/11 Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and Moving Image all have a free entry. Some museums do require a donation. So, if you do not mind letting out a few dimes, the pleasure and fun is all yours.

The Broadway too, can be experienced and enjoyed on a budget. Grab a few discounted theatre passes for 30% off and enjoy a bunch of unique actors and performers.

Have you considered the City Views?

Top skyline views do come at a price. The Empire State Building is one of New York’s iconic hotspots and costs $54 to be on the top. On the other hand, the top deck at Rockerfeller Centre is inexpensive at $34. From here, you can enjoy stupendous views of the Empire State Building and capture the city’s wide-angel view.

The views get thrilling with a drink in your hand. Most of these iconic edifices are attached to a hotel or a restaurant, hence, eat and explore at the top. The views of the Central Park too are amazing!

Wine & Dine


With New York flights from London, eating on a budget can be a concern and there are places where you can eat for $10 or even less. You can also save by going from pizzas to bagels or even sandwiches. Spread over the city, there are food trucks, serving the most delectable dishes from all over the globe.

The Brewery Tour at the famous Brooklyn Bridge is free. Not to forget, you can also get a closer view of the Statue of Liberty with a free harbour boat trip. The boats shuttle from Manhattan to Staten Island 24×7.

New York is what it is because of it’s environment and you can soak all of it, just by walking on the Broadways. After every 20 steps the change is bewitching. Right from the Soho region to Chinatown and Upper Eastern Side, you feel like a multi-centre holiday tour, visiting several cities in one go. Once you get out of Manhattan, you realise you’re still in New York. When you face the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

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