Nine Scary Things to Avoid on a Beach

Wow! It’s a perfect day at the beach with clear skies, azure seas, powdery sands and lovely sunshine. Nothing can go wrong. Well it can. On a beach, the term is stated somewhat like – ‘Beware of anything out of nowhere and something out of somewhere.’ From attacks of sunburn to attacks of a jellyfish or a seagull, you’re not free when you take a quick nap. Here are few irritating things that can ruin a beach vacation.

The Sting of a Jellyfish

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While you are in water, it would take just few seconds to go from a ‘wow’ to an ‘ouch’. Oh no, you’ve been stung by a jellyfish and the pain is excruciating. You sit on the beach suddenly and get surrounded by people. A beach hero appears out of nowhere and begins his treatment.

The Kiss of the Sun

You forget to pack your sunscreen and prepare yourself for the worst. Your skin might not be used to the sun after you’ve fallen asleep. The burn doesn’t easily go away and mind you, it’s depressing.

Don’t drift away

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Aren’t the waves tempting and the waters seductive? You dip your toe and walk in knee-deep water, realising that you have walked away from the shore with no aid of coming back. Your hand sticks out of the water waving to someone. People find you are excited and they wave back at you. Alas! If only you could read my lips!

The Kid’s Prank

Kids are highly creative and mischievous on the beach. They just need a spade and a bucket and they are out to be extremely crafty. You are enjoying a sunny nap, only to find yourself buried neck-deep into the sand. Whoa! What’s next?

Those Peddlers, My Goodness!

Hey! Go away; I don’t want to buy any of your stuff or even see the genuine Omega watch. The list things you can buy on a beach are endless. Your friendly gesture might allow you to be harassed and you will never get that peddler off your back. Instead, other peddlers might crowd you. Make sure you ignore him and make it clear enough that – please leave me alone.

Sweet Sleep; Stolen Wallet

The guide book says – it’s the safest beach resort in the world – Well, what went wrong? As your eyes close in the shade, you realise something is missing. It’s my wallet, it’s gone! You realise you have been ignorant or careless about your belongings and now you are robbed.

The Crab likes your Toe

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On the beach, it could either be the crab or the jellyfish. Mr. Crab likes your big toe and he’s not letting it go. Watch out for crabs, they look better on your plate!

What about the elderly lothario?

A wonderful beach relaxation can be ruined by an elderly person creeping up just next to you. His gestures and behaviour might make you get and move, but you may be too polite and turn your face the other side.

The Beach Ball

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Never put up a mat near the volleyball court. Before you can admire the surrounding, you are hit by volleyball, gaining a soar around your eye. It’s painful!

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