Not Angry Mom Just Stepping out to Holiday in Paris

This holiday season I planned traveling to Paris. We have girl’s night out, booze night out and so on. So why not ‘teens time out’ to see the world like never before? Thought I will pen down by experience of the trip, day by day.

Day 1: A Lengthy flight of my life

Oh my God, the flight to Paris was seven hours long. The food was good and the plane was full of noisy teenagers, could relate to myself, of noisy I can get. Now the good part!
When we arrived, couldn’t waste a single second. We headed to the majestic Abrial hotel. Right after dropping off our luggage we had to board a bus for the city tour. Just imagine no rest, no sleep and no unwinding after the tiring journey.
With holidays to Paris France something that caught my attention was Notre Dame. Wow, not that’s wonderful and an amazing way to start the trip. To me, Notre Dame was something I imagined of the Disney movie; but the church was so very beautiful.
Just outside the cathedral was a star representing the center of Paris. Lovely feeling to be at the center of the amazing city.

Day 2: The Eiffel Tower

The place I was damn anxious to see was the towering Eiffel Tower. While arriving in Paris, the city was similar to New York City. But when you encounter the Eiffel Tower, it makes to feel special and so very small. It is definitely impressive I tell you!
Then we advanced towards Versailles and upon arriving there the golden gate gripped me. The palace was the most captivating edifice I have ever seen. It was massive with a lavish garden with divinely beautiful fountains.
That night we boarded a night boat to see the entire city. It was exciting. I wished I could cruise all around Paris and admire the traditions and history of the ancient era.
Watching the Eiffel Tower covered in lights is a spectacular sight never seen before.

Day 3: Shop until lunch time, and then drop!

The day I was waiting for, finally came. We explored the shopping area like a madman hunting for food. I bought Parisian chocolates for my mom and tote bag for my sister and myself.
We shopped till our legs gave up, and headed to Montmartre. So see all of Paris, climb right up to the church alongside the shops and restaurants that are there.
We walked past Moulin Rouge. The movie scene came alive before me. It was a theater no doubt and an attraction to marvel.

Day 4: A Harry Potter Moment

I departed from Paris on a good note. We finished our final shopping and headed towards Louvre to see the Mona Lisa. It was so cool!
The headed to the Museum of Fragonard Parfumeur, the museum of perfume and learnt how perfume is made; all the origin and the professional touch. Learnt something hilarious that perfume was invented to cover the smell of the king who bathed once a month.
That evening we boarded a train to Barcelona. I had dreamt as if I’m on my way to Hogwarts. But it was just another restless and uncomfortable experience – nothing like the Potter feel. So Spain, here I come! Am glad I could admire most of the wonders of Paris, am thankful to God for that. Hey Paris! I am coming back again!

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