Penetrating the Chatuchak: A World in Itself in Bangkok

What Chatuchak Market really looks like on the inside?

More than a tongue-twister, this is a market where innovation is everything. Right from indigenous designers, aromatic coffee and amazing edible treats, where can you find such a haphazard charm? No, no, we are not talking about the Manila Mall. We are on the other side of the world in the Thai capital city of Bangkok. Chatuchak is a market that sizzles and brims with endless eye-catching merchandise. It’s a den to appease the market junkies and shoppers who will waste no time to book the next flight to Bangkok.

Here, you’ll never ever find escalated prices and stylish attitudes. The people and the prices are so welcoming that you’ll go ‘double or tripple’ shopping. For several reasons, Chatuchak market still remains a mysterious and hidden gem to foreign tourists. Just remember two things – ‘Come Early’ and ‘Do Not Forget To Bargain’.

Also known as JJ market, the Chatuchak is one place worth a visit with tickets to Bangkok. So, I am excited to share my joys for this market. You just cannot shop here without stopping to munch and sip after every a few steps. First, let’s get to know some facts regarding the market:

  • It is open on the weekends from 6 am to 6 pm
  • The market is huge, with 15,000+ stalls
  • Bargaining is an healthy and common activity
  • Take the Sky Train to the market to avoid traffic
  • Carry cash
  • Come hungry
  • Visit early to avoid the mid-day heat

What do I Buy?

Being a shopper’s dream, there’s a little bit of everything. A few favourite stalls comprise of the handmade goods created by the local craftsmen. If you are a first-timer at the Chatuchak Market, you will love combing through some of the souvenirs and non-artisanal products. My wife was tempted to buy pretty frocks, sporty items, colourful beads, decors and home-made items.

Women’s Colourful Clothes

It’s eye-boggling! We found an amazing amalgam of top-quality clothes, marvellously embroidered and inexpensive. We wanted to buy an armload. People mostly shop for cotton brands and soft    T-shirts. If you aren’t yet acquainted with Thailand’s unique elephant pants, you surely will be after visiting Chatuchak with cheap flights to Bangkok.

Thai Art

Now this can be confounding. There’s a variety of Thai art that you can select from. A few of them display the region’s theme, traditional paintings and surplus modern decor. The vivid elephant prints and the multi-coloured flowers are the favourite of many. 

Scented and Essential Oils

Now these are highly enticing and soul-stirring. The perfumed oils emit their intoxicating scents. As you move deeper into the market, you will find stalls with every kind of incense, imaginable perfume and abundant scented oil that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. Do not forget to shop for Thai soaps. It’s the perfect souvenir to gift someone.

Thai-made Home Products

Most of the markets are well-laid out with arrays of collapsible tables, set apart from each other. But the JJ Market is quite extraordinary with various goods scattered on the table.

Each vendor has an individual stall, not so neat, but impossible to take eyes off from. Until and unless you are planning to ship items back home, admiring these stalls can prove to be heart-breaking. You might want to pack up the entire shop and get them home.

Thai Coffee Beans

It is surprising to know that Thailand has its own coffee plantations. After sampling the insanely, amazing scrumptious local coffee here, I didn’t wish to waste another second to pick up different coffee bags for home. With cheap tickets to Bangkok, you’ll surely have a gala time in the city of many cultures.


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