Peru Travel Guide into Machu Picchu and Cusco

Are you done with Singapore, or even Las Vegas? A trip to Peru may not be even among the list of every traveller, or even a family that’s choosing which destination to explore. Well, it should be now! Well, this answer maybe jaw-dropping. Peru is handcrafted with the most amazing natural beauty, thriving wildlife, vivid locals drenched in history. Truly, there is no place like Peru even if there is no Disneyland or even heart-pounding nightlife.

Hidden Treasures of Peru

You might think for a while that travelling to Peru might be hard with a 4 year old and a 1 year old, or even leave the family behind and see the land for yourself. Well, you can narrow your wish list and prefer gastronomic delights of Lima, the puzzling and sanctified Machu Picchu and a bit of beach activities towards Northern Peru.

The Culinary Scene in Peru

According to what you planned, you land in Cusco, the amazing prehistoric jewel among the Andes that never fails to impress. The colourfully dressed locals are ever happy to receive you with plenty of food and love. If food you’re thinking of, the restaurant scene did explode down the years and even the top notch restaurants and burger joints like ‘Bembo’ have exciting activities for kids.

Handling the Altitude

At the Peruvian altitude your brain expands and hence, the headaches. Your endless energy will help you to hop here and there with limited oxygen. Keep your intake of fluids and things will just be fine, allowing you to catch the Peruvian air.

Unforgettable Trip

The best way to approach Cusco and the Sacred Valley is in a group and a private vehicle can be quite cost effective when you travel with flexibility with 4 people. You will be exposed to immediate toilet stops, eye contact with llamas and local kids swarming around you. So just one advice – be flexible and travel in your own vehicle!

Where to Stay in Peru

Reserve a room at the Wakapunku Boutique Hotel in Cusco which is big adequate to effortlessly house two families in two detached rooms. It even has a lounge, or a zone to chill with internet facilities and staying in here, will give you a great base to explore the city and its surroundings.

Machu Picchu

The main feature of this trip was no doubt Machu Picchu. To see it widely and vividly through your eyes is totally a different experience, with a guide of course. The fantastic description and the interpretation were overwhelming.

Moments to Remember

You can conclude your trip in the north of Peru, where you can rent your place at a fantastic beach spot called Vichayito, which is highly famous for surfing. At this resort, you are surrounded with infinity pool, a chef, a nanny at £200. It’s a heavenly way to finish the trip.

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