Phew!!! She’s Wild, Hot and Too Bright…

Tips to Fight Summer Heat while Touring India

Travelling to India, the ‘Incredible India’ is rewarding with life-changing experiences, but travelling mid-year, in-between April to August with flights to India can be quite challenging and somewhat daunting. Apart from the hill stations, the plains of North and Central India sizzle with extreme heat as high as 47°C and hot winds called loo almost roasts your face. Until and unless your body can cope with the heat, you can seriously be dehydrated and get sunburns, ultimately ruining your trip and leaving you discouraged.

The Indian summer is famous to snatch the life force from within. Sightseeing in the sun will leave you drained with a terrible headache. Ultimately, it’s your hotel room and chilled edibles that’s all you’ll crave for, when you flock into the city with tickets to India.

Indians have learnt to fight and beat the heat with a few simple things. In case, your trip to India is scheduled during the summers, you too can implement a few of these handy tips to move around in the blazing sun.

Beat the Indian heat with these Do’s

Cover the Head

A hear covering is all you need. Carry a cap or a scarf and not only carry, cover your head properly from the direct sunlight. This will prevent your head from being affected.

Carry Sun Glass

With direct sunlight, the UV rays are quite high and your eyes need protection with normal sun glasses. Make sure the coating of your sunglasses truly prevents the rays and protects you eye from the blinding sunlight.

Comfortable Footwear

Except for trekking or hiking, you can wear slip-ons and comfortable open sandals. These allow your feet to breathe in such harsh climates. Such footwear is quite cheap in India.

A Handy Umbrella

Adding to your options regarding sunblock, use an umbrella to protect yourself from the rays of the sun. In case, big umbrellas are a burden, you can use the double-folded umbrellas that can easily fit in your handbag.

Wet Tissues

Areas with excess humidity tend to make your face sweat. Freshen up your face with some fragrant wet tissues. No wonder, it’s totally restorative. You will surely carry some with you when you travel with cheap flights to India.

Proper Clothes

During summers, cotton clothes will help your body to relax and let the air dry you up. Though the sun can get you tanned, you do not wish your skin to get burnt, do you? Pack some cotton clothes and make sure your arms, neck, shoulders, legs are covered. A good pair of jeans, a full sleeve T-shirt or shirt and cargo’s are the perfect examples of apparels that cover your body properly. By following these, you need not apply sun block and your body won’t lose energy fighting direct sunlight. So, with these three points, you are now 60% protected. Now comes the food and drinks.

Consume Liquids and Proper Food

The heat does drain out liquid from your body, resulting in serious dehydration. Doctors and gym trainers advise that one should drink approximately 3-4 litres of water daily with a little bit of glucose. You may carry Glucon D, Electral or even pouches of ORS. Apart from these medicinal drinks, you need to consume lassi (yoghurt shake), sugarcane juice and various kinds of fruit juices that are available.

Eat Light and Fresh

During excessive heat, your body needs watery components. Hence, stick to fresh fruits and vegetables. Famous summer fruits are mangoes, water melons, lychees, bananas, water apples, black plums, papayas and grapes. In main meals, try and stick to vegetarian dishes and avoid oily stuffs. In take of fruit and veggie salads is a must. In some places it might be difficult to spot the food you want, but it’s worth it wherever you get it.

Mint is an essential element that you can mix with salads and even in drinks. It has a cooling effect. Fast food and junk food is usually avoided but if you consume less, you just be fine. Spices help the body perspire, thus keeping the body cool. Book cheap tickets to India much in advance in order to avoid last minute hassles.

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