Plan Your Affordable Vacation with Australias Top Five

Australia may be pushed away at the right hand corner while gazing at the world map, but what images fly by when the gigantic country comes to your mind – spectacular landscapes, heavenly beaches, mind-blowing attractions, cultural concoction, Great Barrier Reef and a collection of authentic culinary delights.
The majestic continent possesses amazing wonders that has lifted up the tourism level to a supernatural realm. If you are into some serious Australian vacation, there’s some fantastic news for you. Frequent flights to Australia, with competitive airfares, are beneficial for travellers and you can book them conveniently.
If this is your first visit, then picking up important points and cities should be your first and foremost concern. Re-visitors to Australia might be thrilled to explore the things they skipped the previous time.

The Coral Bay

On the Westside, around 1000 kms away from Perth, lies Coral Bay. Plan your trip in the month of March or April to experience the warm Bay water. Enjoy snorkelling if you are carrying a mask and admire the prismatic coral formation and the impressive fauna in the clear turquoise water.
Get close to the coastal area and grab some thrilling activities such as swimming beside giant sharks. Visit to this place is worthy when you spot a whale or a shark.

Opera House

Who doesn’t know about the Opera House? The stunning lotus like structure of Sydney draws tourist from all over. If you are touring around Sydney, and miss marvelling the Opera House, then your visit to Sydney in Australia might remain unfinished.
Did you know that this Opera House is among the busiest in the world that comprises of numerous venues hosting around 1500 performances each year? The House itself became a UNESCO World Heritage Site on June 28, 2007.

Flinders Ranges NP

These Rangers can be easily spotted from a trail leading to Alice Springs and Uluru from the city of Adelaide. Located towards Southern Australia, you can witness one of the longest hiking trails called ‘Heysen’. Do try out some adventures such as mountain biking and hiking; you may never experience back home.

Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy, the name itself clicks images of a precious stone. Yes, why not! This charming place is renowned for opal mining and you can buy best opals in this place. Apart from opal hunting, visitors get to enjoy camping below grounds. All you need to carry is a torch light and few gears to survive there.

Ord River

Here’s something staggering and hypnotising! Remember, or recall Kununurra, a town in far northern Western Australia, located at the eastern extremity of the Kimberley Region. It is blessed with some real-time attraction such as the Ord River and the Zebra Rock gallery.
Come and fall in love with the natural and cultural setting of Australia. Explore the greatness and the vastness of this gigantic continent. Make your vacation stylish and highly memorable this time.

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