Recent Airline Food Trends for Midair Meal

Regular air travelers always seem to lament over in-flight cuisine due to on-board spaces issues, limited convection ovens to warm food and proper ambiance. At this time even after paying a hefty ticket price passengers have to compromise regarding the limited food options and quality. But, do not worry because the major carriers that won’t let their fliers go through sub standard dining trauma.
Over the years, airlines across the globe have reinvented their in-flight food menu and strived to serve savory and standard food. Therefore to let you know the latest and innovative flight food, we have researched about airline food menu from industry experts so, be prepared to tickle your taste buds with these growing airline food trends.
Here is a list of top airline food trends that they have predicted to rise in 2014

Organic Meals

Eating organic food is certainly a trend and it’s no astonishment that health conscious people will stick to it while flying. Experts have also opined that customers always look for healthier options like grains, greens, white meat chicken and fish. For example, Sweden based airline Kullaflyg caters fully organic meals with locally obtained ingredients like rolls and bread from nearby bakeries.

Personal In-flight Chefs

Star airlines company-Etihad Airways is known for its luxury travel and style. In its Diamond First Class Cabin on most international flights, the fliers enjoy the opulence of in-flight chef who promises to provide you meals in accordance to your preference and taste buds; it seems this could be a lynchpin for customers that do not mind paying extra for this pampering.

Celebrity Chefs

 With popular TV shows like “Top Chef” and “Chopped” fliers have been enhanced with food knowledge. No wonder airlines are recruiting celebrity chefs to add some oomph in their flight meals. Since 2011,Air France has already brought in some notable French chefs that create some lip smacking dishes to appease its passengers. British Airlines has also brought on board Heston Blumentahl, while Qatar Airlways has hired top chefs- Tom Aikens, Vineet Bhatia and Nobu Matsuhisa to provide a multicultural food platter.

Pre-ordered Meals

In 2012, reputed airlines had started serving pre-ordered meals. A reputed airlines has flights to more than 24 international destinations which gives an option to its passengers to upgrade standard and complimentary meals in economy class to add a bit flavor by paying a small fee. Singapore Airlines has also adopted the same route by recruiting Chef Gordon Ramsay who creates out of the box in-flight cuisines.

Culture-focused Cuisine

Many globetrotters want to indulge in regional cuisines that belong to far-flung destinations and consider it to be a crucial part of traveling. Therefore some airlines help their passengers to kick start their journey by featuring cuisines on the menu from arrival cities.

Mini-meal Selections

o satiate the desire for a satisfying yet-light grub, go for tapas-style dining which seems to be popular not in ground but in clouds too. Forget the peanuts, pretzels and chips which are being replaced with mini meals and enhanced snacks like Asian-styled noodle soup or healthy sandwiches. Airlines like Virgin Atlantic offers small bites of mango coconut chicken salad and mini beef burgers so, what else can you imagine as a midair snack?

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