Recognising the Traveller Within You

Who are you? Whatever may be your occupation, some time or the other you have travelled in life and have explored various places. A traveller may be just a term, but there are various types of travellers. So, which one describes you? Travellers contribute a lot to other travellers by giving reviews, which you can read on Crystal Travel reviews.

The Collector
Such a traveller is mostly a gatherer, a collector of the exotic and unique moments and experiences. He or she may have a different outlook, rather purely metaphorical. He or she may walk around with a fishing net or a butterfly net and enjoy the uncommon experiences. The Collector enjoys rhyming words, the rhythm of life and poetry.

The Conformist
Such a traveller travels to be accepted in the society and not for personal satisfaction. Hence, he or she chooses the destination quite wisely. It’s not about where all you have been, it is mainly about what your friends think about. Since there are various kinds of travellers, the Crystal Travel feedback section might not always point out to the inadequacy of the site, but the mood and the ‘problem in the traveller’, than the problem of the traveller.

The Thrill Seeker
A thrill seeker lives to experience something unique, strange and spine-chilling along the way. He or she lives not much for adventure sports.

The Escapist
Such a traveller is quite interesting and mysterious. Maybe a fugitive like most vagabonds. He or she must have faced boredom, hurts, failures, burdens, heartbreaks and many negative things in life. They create a world of their own and seek interactions from the nature. Many such travellers might pen down their frustration at Crystal Travel complaints section.

The Self-Improver
They are not dull at all. You’ll see such people getting up early and enjoying life till late. Such people make the most out of everything that they encounter. They have undying energy, strong shoes and heart. Before venturing out, a lot of research is done.

The Pilgrim
Looking for peace and abstinence from worldly pleasures, such travellers are purely followers of religion, shrines and trails. Not only religious, but even pilgrims of shopping, cuisine and culture. They may either make way to the Ganges, or indulge in a game of golf in the isolation of Norway.

The Pioneer
Such a traveller, loves to jump out of his or her skin and play extinct. just like an endangered species. Such travellers are fearless, possessing the spirit of Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and Vasco da Gama.

The Occasional
Such travellers look out for opportunities and they travel for a reason. Be it honeymoon, a festival, a football match, a wedding or even any event such as a carnival. You can find several Crystal Travel reviews on travelling on occasions and events and tally, who is right and who is wrong.

The Oblivious
They are quite sad and do pay much attention nor they are much interested in things. Most of the time they never bother to know where they stand or where they are. They hardly care about life and the surrounding.

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