Rekindle Romantic Flame in Cebu

What stirs up the romance in you? A box of delicious chocolates, a bunch of bright red roses an unexplored city where you have never stepped before. Well, who doesn’t love to be treated that way, especially if you’re planning a romantic getaway to a secluded place or towards a beach hideaway? Being in Cebu and getting struck from Cupid’s arrow can leave us love struck and totally delightful.

A Date at Ayala Terraces

So how can Cebu churn up the inner romance with you? Well, one might think of a romantic cosy candlelit dinner for two or a hand-in-hand evening stroll. There are plenty of amazing options, so why not start from Ayala Terraces. It’s a budgeted place for everyone and one can find immense options of restaurants to choose from.

How ’bout a kiss on Nivel Hills?

If you want to woo you partner and sway him or her with a more intimate date, find yourself in Nivel Hills surrounded with a great number of restaurants in Cebu. Get some captivating views of the city with a drink in your hand at Blu bar. Enjoy buffet dinners at Marco Polo and feel more and more craved to come back. To escort your love to a more upscale and expensive treat, book a table for two at Anzani Restaurant and sample some of the most delicious platters and dishes with some fantastic views.
If you are on a budget, go for Mr A, with some reasonable meals that can be enjoyed on the outdoors with a cup of coffee as well. Dig in some Italian cuisine at La Tegola and head off right towards Tops, a wonderful cool mountainous place overlooking the city

Alona Beach at Bohol

You may know that the Philippines is blessed with 7000 islands, therefore, a dreamy and romantic place is not far away. Nothing equals escaping to a seductive beach with someone special. So, why not enjoy some days on Alona Beach at Bohol with powdery sands and a dinner at twilight. Kiss the ocean breeze as you dine and spice up the romance like never before. Bohol Bluewater Resort is a luxurious resort with an infinity pool and an amazing spa.

Romantic Dining

The Bellevue Resort is a classy innovative resort that offers first-class dining, service and amenities. It comes with an amazing grand infinity pool with spectacular views of the ocean. Enjoy heavenly food at the restaurants and create a memorable time out in the blissful land.
If you desire a more remote resort to spend time out with your love, peek into Sumilon Resort, the one and only resort on the island of Sumilon. Feel closer to nature with couple of beautiful spots on the beach.
End the day with a resort spa and sink into a wonderful relaxation dwelling on those moments when your hearts touched each other.

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