Discover the Charm of Toothsome Culinary in Shanghais Streets

Are those countless awesome snack meetings with your friends from college life still lingering over your mind? Are memories of those delicious but less priced fast foods at college cafeteria, consumed with unmatched fun excitement enticing you to get back to that environment? If yes, than visit to Shanghai surely is what you should take straight away.

Shanghai, the most populated town of People’s Republic of China is a culmination to whole world foodies looking to fulfill their young dreams. Step anywhere in the town, one thing will surely be going to grab your eyeballs is food. The metropolitan has stuffed with a dynamic variety of cuisines, helping voyagers with all budget range. You can run for a posh dining experience in its upscale Michelin-star restaurant or simply live local life trying street foods.

Delicious, authentic, savory and available at a price no pocket can say a no. Wander across it’s congested to wide streets and you’ll find a mega array of flavorful Chinese foods. Although, amidst this gigantic trey of street foods, there are few names that are definitely must try for every visitor coming to Shanghai. Here in this list, check three most popular street foods of Shanghai lined up by the experts of Crystal Travel.

Three Street Foods Not to Miss before Leaving Shanghai

Tofu Flower Soup
The signature soup of Shanghai for many and a quick source of energy and taste, Tofu flower soup is a pretty frequent found food in the streets of Shanghai. Generally an exotic  combination of soybean flowers, dry tofu, salt, seaweed, soy sauce, pickled radish, and soy milk (though we are not sure), smooth Tofu Flower soup is a delighting experience to have. Available at endless dining points in the town serving it as a significant part of morning breakfast, this tranquilizing and healthy soup can be enjoyed at a price range of $2 to $10.

Delighting and staple dish of Chinese Cuisines, Xiaolongbao are baked dumplings and widely popular amidst locals. With numerous kinds of ingredients including pork, crab meat and roe, Xiaolongbao are available at almost every food stall in the town, from small eateries to big food corners. There are served in traditional bamboo baskets with spicy sausages. At mostly places, prices are quiet low and sometime you can even enjoy it under $1. So, don’t just worry about prices.

Ci Fan

Shanghai street dishes mostly revolve around breakfast food and our third dish for the list also fall in the same category, Ci Fan. Runtish rice balls or Ci Fan are a morning dish, highly famous and lovable. Stuffed with multiple ingredients like pork, white sugar and eggs, these crispy rice balls are perfect way to kick off a busy schedule. Served hot in rolls, the dish is way affordable and can be enjoyed at a very low price as well.

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