Seven Beauties of Thailand beyond Bangkok

Well, everyone knows that Thailand is one of the most trendy, seductive and dynamic tourist destinations in Southeast Asia region. Everything you need in this life lies there. Be it fascinating history, religion culture, exotic scenery, heavenly cuisine and a glamorous nightlife.
For several cultural travellers Thailand is a place of ancient temples, captivating palaces and spires. For the sun-seekers, it is haven to revive on the idyllic bays, beaches and islands. No wonder foodies and shoppers keep coming back to hunt down more and more streets-side food courts and restaurants. Bangkok, the hedonistic capital city, on the other hand needs no introduction, does it? Ok, let’s move on and change gears. Let me take you beyond Bangkok and explore the other beauties of Thailand.

Have you considered CHIANG MAI?

Chiang Mai may not be a well-known place. Tagged as the ‘rose of the north’, this spectacular town comprises both of natural and cultural setting. The name Chiang Mai means ‘a new city’ which became a core capital of the Lanna dynasty. With recent developments and the city rising into fame Chiang Mai is also the heart of Buddhism in northern Thailand.

The Ruins of AYUTTHAYA

Considered as one of the most stunning city on the face of the Earth, the remnants of the Ayutthaya kingdom now lie attracting several tourists from all over the world. These ruins can be easily reached by train, boat or by car. You would really love to encounter this ancient city that was in power for over 400 years, extending its kingdom beyond Laos and Myanmar.

Admire the Spectacular KANCHANABURI

If anything can beautify Kanchanaburi, it’s the majestic landscape and seductive beauty. Located just 2 hours from Bangkok, Kanchanaburi can be reached by train or by road. It’s a city for adventure lovers and offers activities such as rafting, fishing, elephant rides, golfing and trekking. Explore hidden waterfalls and captivating caves along with reservoirs, rivers and other offerings of nature.

RATCHABURI – Enjoy River Shopping

Ratchaburi’s leading attraction is the interesting Floating Market, visited by countless tourists who visit Bangkok. Vendors sell their wares on their boats alongside the canals. For a few hundred baht one can rent their own boats and discover canals while shopping everything from vegetables and fruits to freshly-cooked noodles and souvenirs.

Soak up the Heavenly CHON BURI

Chonburi is located on the eastern coast of Thailand, approximately 50 miles from the capital city. The area boasts of profuse natural resources, making it an admired coastal territory. Principally, the popular seaside is Pattaya, though Chonburi’s minor, quieter seaside towns are also quite trendy for tourists.

Experience enlightenment in SUKHOTHAI

Sukhothai, which accurately means ‘Dawn of Happiness’, was a Thai Kingdom that enjoyed a royal golden age. The fabulous temples and monuments of this city have been refurbished, and Sukhothai Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is admired on those special nights when the park remains open and the elegant statues of Buddhas are illuminated by lights.

Rejuvenate your soul in PHANG NGA

Phang Nga district is legendary for its gorgeous land, extravagant bay, astounding islands and superior diving. Most illustrious is Phang Nga Bay National Park, a geological surprise packed with islets, buried caverns, and staggering rock formations expanding vertically out of the sea. The bay is tremendously protected and therefore, it is perfect for expeditions with kayaks exploring many intriguing caverns and islands all through the bay.

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