Seven Fabulous Festivals in December

What comes to your mind when you think of celebrations in December? Which Christmas songs ring a bell? Do you dream of dancing elves and the green and glittering Christmas tree? While you plan how tall the Christmas tree should be, you were missing some of the most enigmatic festivals going around the world.
Check these out, with these festivals, you will be in a festive mood throughout December.

Chichibu Night Festival in Japan

Every year on the second and third of December the Chichibu City lightens up being the city of a holy shrine. The snowy mountainous town sparks up with the main event celebrated with floating lanterns, fireworks, festival delicacies and bewitching costumes.

Hajj, Saudi Arabia

The sight of this festival is striking with thousands of Muslim devotees walking down towards Mecca. As the crowd arrives, other religious rituals take place which includes the Stoning of the Evil.
It’s mandatory in Islam that whatsoever your status or Islamic belief might be, a true Muslim should make this spiritual journey once in their lifetime. No wonder its one of the largest religious event in the world.

Junkanoo, Bahamas

Junkanoo is a global festival that dates back to the 1700s, but it holds respect mostly in the Bahamas region. Every year on Dec 26, the party becomes harder as natives dance through the streets of Nassau wearing multi-coloured costumes.

Festival of Lights, France

Paris might be the ramp for the latest in fashion, but come December, the city turns on being as bright and beautiful it can be. The city hosts the four-day Festival of Lights which is held in the honour of Virgin Mary. Thousands of candles are lit making the surrounding joyful and enlightened.


On December 5, the people of Kussnacht, Switzerland bring out their whips and cowbells for an unusual parade. The festival’s inventive intention was to hunt down evil spirits, but somehow be listed into the Naughty List.

Hogmanay, Scotland

Hogmanay sounds more of a name from the Happy Potter series, isn’t it? In Edinburgh, live music, parades, carnivals and drama throw the city in an uproar. The festive moment begins with a torch procession that is followed with outdoor concerts, street art carnival, dancing, bagpipes and a lot of drunken people. Apart from Europe’s lavish winter carnival, Hogmanay is the most famous New Year festival in the world.

Dongzhi Festival, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Dongzhi Festival is celebrated in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and coincides with Winter Solstice each year. Families come together and savour traditional delicacies prepared specifically for this festival. Everyone takes off from work and enjoys the tenderness of their homes alongside their families. If you have a susceptible stomach, however, be cautious, as some of the dishes are a bit unique.

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