Six Cities for a Walkable Holiday

Travellers can better judge if walking is the best way to admire a city! Though it is said, that walking is the best way to see a city. It may seem that when you walk, you glide through the city, stop and move, gaze at the architecture, talk to a local person and enjoy every inch as you move forward without worrying about the traffic.
The true fact is – you are doing a little bit of exercise that never hurts. If you are bitten by a walking holiday mood, check out these cities that will sweep you off your feet, yet it will keep you rooted in the ground.

Florence, Italy

Believe it or not, but Florence can be annoying while moving around the city in a car. Cramped roads and dashing crowd can make even the most professional driver nervous, which is why it is best to ditch being on wheels and start getting used to the cobblestoned pavement.
The city being compact, walking is hassle-free and allows you to cover a multitude of places in a short period of time. And believe me, walking is the only way to admire and appreciate all that Florence has to offer. You will love to get lost among hidden frescoes and secret river lookouts.

Venice, California

Oh boy! Is there a Venice in LA? Well, yes there is, and this district is evident that it’s not feasible to carry your car everywhere; your two legs can give you the best tour. Just skip the traffic and explore boutiques, canals, parks and gardens in the best way you can, by walking of course. Gather memorable moments by watching the world go by at the Venice Beach and the Broadwalk.

Vancouver, British Columbia

This is one healthy city in terms of climate and highly active as well as energetic people. Vancouver is one fitness regime that everyone should experience. Every sight is so very enthralling that you may not realise how far you have wandered off.
Right from Kitsilano Beach to the walkable downtown, touring by car will not give you the thrill that strolling will give. If you are seeking for the extreme urban experience, head towards Stanley Park and forget your cares.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town may not seem to be a walkable city, but the credit goes to Fan Walk that was erected together with the World Cup. This Walk is around 1.6 mile long and joins other points of interest with an array of shops and restaurants on the way.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Spend time walking on the cobbled-paved streets just to realise that the place is gorgeous with fountains, gardens, fortresses and religious places. Satiate the hungriest eyes with all the monumental splendour and beaches beside the Adriatic Sea.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney has incredible things for everyone. You name it – walking down the harbour, bushwalking, woodland trails. Ascending the bridge might be the ideal thing for you. With 1332 steps reach the upper arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to admire panoramic views of the metropolis. Such a view will surely leave you dumbfounded. Dare to take it?

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