Some Hilarious, Yet Genuine Travel Complaints

No doubt, travelling is fun, enlivening and refreshing. But have you considered that the perks of a holiday may not always be in your favour and you sit down to analyse a lot of complaints, rather than making the best out of your getaway. Well, things may not always go as planned.But please Don’t be a Weird Passenger There can be some flaws, embarrassing situations, imperfections, mismanagements, over expense and even unfriendliness that gather a lot of complaints, bad memories and exerts a phobia to travel again, even affecting Crystal Travel reviews to a greater extent.

Why not consider some of these complaints made by the travellers. Some can be genuine complaints, some can be really silly, while others might just make you laugh and wonder, ‘was it all really necessary’? One such statement, we receive on our Crystal Travel feedbacks was- ‘The tour was not much enjoyable as the guide was so very ugly’. Well, did you pay for the flight to see the guide or to admire the attraction?

Fat People on the Beach!

The first and the foremost Crystal Travel complaint or comment which might really give a pain in your stomach is, there were too many fat people on the beach. Well, the beach is for everybody. Whether you’re fat or thin, black or white, short or tall and even rich or poor. The waves and the wind will not show discrimination at all. Well, let the fat people enjoy too, while you enjoy too! Fair enough?

Sad-looking Animals at the Zoo!

A family walks into the zoo and after their complete tour, they said, the animals were so very sad, and their children cried because of that, so can’t they be kept happy. Of course, they’ll be sad as they are caged but a healthy and decent interaction will definitely make them joyful and active.

Incomprehensible Road-signs!

Try pronouncing ‘Liefergasse’. It may sound tough, but some complaints were made as the road signs were not in English, so it was difficult to move around. Don’t just follow the signs, just enjoy the city and you will be able to soak up a lot of things.

I Wasn’t Warned!

Among the several attractions, boarding the hot air balloon is amazingly thrilling. One such Crystal Travel review became an uproar when the word spread that, there were no warnings that one should not take this balloon ride if one is afraid of heights. It’s totally upto you! If you’re scared of heights, you do not get into it. It’s that simple!

Kept Looking at the Women, Ignored Sightseeing!

Hey ladies, just look at yourself and he would wonderfully and fearfully you were made. This complaint can be made by a lot of ladies as well as men, that the women in the city were so very pretty and elegant, that I completely forgot what all I have to do and see. 

Too Crowded!

Who doesn’t love to be in Disney World? Will you ever send a feedback saying that, the Disney World was too crowded and touristy. Hey, it’s one of the most iconic and loved attraction, which every kid dreams on visiting. Being overcrowded, displays the love and adoration for the Disney characters and the structure too.

It’s a pleasure to receive feedback and Crystal Travel reviews, which opens the next set of doors to know our customers well and keep striving for improvement and excellence

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