South African Airways Awarded as Best Airline in Africa by Business Travel Magazine

Cp class D MsoNormal E Cspan lang D EN-GB EAfter being nominated among the finest and%0Abest air carriers connecting Africa with the rest of the world in October 2015 %0ASouth African Airways has finally won the title of being Best Airline in%0AAfrica by Business Traveler Magazine in the annual Best in Business Travel%0AAwards survey by specimen readers of Business Traveler Magazine. The airline%0Aalso got the award of being the air carrier with the Best Business Class to Africa C/span E. C/p E Cp class D MsoNormal E Cimg src D http A// alt D South-African-Airways title D South-African-Airways width D 540 height D 360 border D 0 E Cbr E C/p E Cp class D MsoNormal E Cspan lang D EN-GB EOne of the most awarded airlines and%0Anational air carrier of Africa South African Airways recently acclaimed the%0Aaward in two categories by Business Traveler Magazine. Nominated under two%0Adifferent categories in the month of October 2015 and after receiving huge%0Aresponse South African Airways swiped the award of Best Airline in Africa and%0ABest Business Class to Africa. The air carrier that has been playing the role%0Aof a strong bridge between the UK and Africa South African Airways has been a%0A Ca target D_blank href D http A// Egreat airline to take flights to South Africa from London and the rest of the UK. C/a E C/b E C/span E C/p E Cp class D MsoNormal E%0A%0A%0A%0A C/p E Cp class D MsoNormal E Cspan lang D EN-GB EOn this auspicious occasion Marc%0ACavaliere Executive Vice President for South African Airways in the Americas%0Astated We are very proud to receive these awards and are grateful to Business%0ATraveler Magazine and its readers for once again selecting South African%0AAirways as the best airline for travel on the African continent. Readers of the%0Amagazine are world-class experts in the business of travel who know quality%0Awhen they experience it and we are very pleased that they also recognize our%0APremium Business Class service that we offer travellers between North America%0Aand Africa. C/span E C/p E

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