Spinning Your Fork in Hong Kong!!!

After all being a foodie is not a sin

 There’s a big big difference is ‘liking’ food and being ‘crazy’ about food. The second phrase is what Hong Kong is all about. Here, the people go bonkers about food and there’s so much to eat and explore with flights to Hong Kong. You’ll hear people talking more about food than politics or sex. They love food more than their spouses it seems. If anything is sensual in Hong Kong, it’s food. So, what’s so engrossing and appealing about the food culture in Hong Kong? Let’s dig up some secrets and show you some dishes that cannot be ignored. Enter at your own risk. Some dishes might let you drool, other’s might…not!!!

In fact, the food culture has tremendously reflected the social, economic and livelihood of the city. Hong Kong’s gastronomic delights are not only a mishmash of Western and Eastern flavours, but holds credit to other continental and inter-continental influences also, making the city a world-class gourmet paradise. Let’s take you out onto the streets.


The Street Food

Since inception, the street food scene of Hong Kong was as lively as it’s today. Towards Sheung Wan districts and the City Centre vendors can be seen selling noodles, fried rice, congee, cakes, pastries and much more.

Towards the 20th century, the standard of living was quite low, hence, food stalls and street-side dining was very popular.

Street-food bloomed right from the post-war period and licensing system was introduced, providing permission for stall vendors to sell cooked food. Districts such as Central, Sheung Wan, Wanchai, Yaumatei and Shamshuipo were filled with the aroma of luscious snacks and the stalls were called ‘Dai Pai Dong’, which means – stalls with cooked food sold in the streets and alleys. Top street food in Hong Kong are:

  • Spiral Potato Chips
  • Egg Puff
  • Stinky Tofu
  • Bubble Tea
  • Takoyaki balls


Sprawling Chinese Restaurants

Chinese restaurants and Canton go back a long way, both bearing roots in Guangzhou. In fact, some restaurant operators came down from Guangzhou. Till 1903, the Chinese restaurants were hideouts for high officials to hold feasts during the evenings. After the changes in the late 19th century, Chinese restaurants witnessed the improvement and increase in Hong Kong’s food culture. The top Chinese restaurants in the city are:

  • Shanghainese, Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
  • Chiu Chow, Fuk Wing Street
  • Hakka, Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
  • Sichuan, 2 Wellington Street, Central
  • Fujian, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay

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