Summer Days Out with Kids in British Columbia Canada

Most of know that British Columbia as an awesome skiing destination of Canada, but during summers, the place is beautiful beyond comparison, basically for a ravishing family holiday. In British Columbia, here’s what you can pick among the best things to do.

Trying Flying over Canada

To get started, fly over the breathtaking country to being any trip in Canada. It’s such an awe-inspiring birds-eye view of how staggering Canada’s landscape comprising of mountains, farms and cities can really be. It can be a 7D experience when you look down from your seat in wonder and amazement. Nothing like music playing in your ears and the dramatic scenery passes by.

A Different Perspective of Vancouver

You can tend to get lost in Vancouver while walking through the city. It’s best to get to the top in the glass tower and let out a breath of relief while being stunned at the view.

Bike Riding in Stanley Park

Vancouver is spacious and there are expanded places to enjoy a bike tour or even hire a bike. You can get ample information from your hotel desk. Fairmont Waterfront is the place where you can fire a free bike and wade through the thrilling city.
To explore Stanley Park, take a round of the perimetre that gives a wonderful view of the harbour, the spectacular Lion’s Gate Bridge and several statues and monuments such as the 90 Degree Clock Gun and the Mermaid in the Water.

Capilano Suspension Bridge and Cliffwalk

Take a walk over the lofty trees by walking over the Capilano Suspension Bridge that crosses a deep gorge in a beautiful lush forest. This place is a short ride from the Canada Place. As you enter, grab a map that allows your kid to explore the park, collect stamps from other points and collect a ‘well done’ certificate.
The walk on the bridge becomes more thrilling when you cross torrential rapids 70 metres below. It does rock back and forth, so cling to the railings and avoid knocking out others from the edge.

Can You Handle Whistler?

Who doesn’t love zip lining? It’s totally awesome when you zip through the trees and gaze at the amazing views and enjoy fun rides. Ever tried the Superfly Treetops Adventure Course? It is a combination of high ropes, experienced swings and zip lines for which the kids might get pretty excited.
In Whistler, Bike Park 101 is made easy for beginner bikers. First task is learning to place your bike over the lift rack; it does need plenty of help. After the short ride, you are infront of the practice space before heading down the mountain. It’s one hell of an experience.

Gondola Ride to the Peaks

If you enjoy height ride and specially want to crossover from Whistler to the Blackcomb Mountain, the Peak to Peak ride takes you on the most stunning journey. It’s a record breaking ride that takes you from one peak to the other peak with a pass that allows an access to other gondolas and chairlifts.
From the top enjoy hair-raising and heart-stopping views, hikes and walking trails. You do get to walk on the clouds. It’s a day’s activity that leaves a memorable impact, wanting you to return and re-explore and re-experience the very best of Canadian splendour.

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