Tackling Negative Hotel Reviews

The statement is clear that hotels have been assailed with negetive reviews and they need to respond to such comments, but in the right way. Having a negetive Crystal Travel review on any site such as TripAdvisor, Feefo or Review Centre can pretty much hurt your reputation, but it matters How Hotels Foresee Reviews and How It Benefits the Reader.A smart and a wise review can do two things for you. It can either reduce the damage to your stature and prestige and it can mend your relationship with the unhappy reviewer.

A hotel should read and show prospectives that after reading the review or the feedback, they should personalize the responses to the customer review and raise a brand voice. If any negetive issue arises, one should search about the issue before responding to the client so that one is aware about the details of the guest’s stay. What was the concern? Did the customer complain before checking out from the premises? Is there a record to trace the customer’s communication with your staff?

A Thank You Note will Soothe

Doesn’t matter if the review or the Crystal Travel feedback is aggressive of hurtful, just thank the guest for taking time out to give their valuable feedback. Just remember that every feedback is valuable. If the issue and the response can be handled gracefully, it can soften and effects and the after-effects of the bad review in the eyes of the guest.

Express Sympathy

Being sorry is not an admission of guilt or wrongdoing. Whatever the reason might be for the Crystal Travel complaint, the expectation of the guest were not up to the mark. Just apologize for the guest’s poor experience.

Highlight the Innovations Needed to Make

The best way to take the topic elsewhere, is to avoid any heated conversation. Just make things right by sharing about the changes you intend on making in the future. Also, thank the client for pointing out the flaws and improvements, which will definitely be for the betterment of the customer.

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