Taste mouth-watering cuisine with best European holidays

The world drools over food, as it does over stylish and branded cars and movies. With holidays to Europe some are tempted by some food or the other, or even a particular cuisine. Some love it spicy, some like it mild and some are passionate over steak and some may avoid the meat.
Every culture in every country has their specialty and favorites and as a travel freak there is nothing like trying out a new local dish and feel the taste. Here are a few of Europe’s best-loved and famous dishes from a specific country.


Hungary is known for several dishes that are delicious, healthy and heavy. On your European holidays, to start with, you can’t think of anything else that the gulyas or goulash that is master dish among the early cattle herdsman who prepared this dish on their long cattle drives. Prepared out with stewed meat, vegetables and noodles seasoned with variety of spices such as paprika.
This dish is the best way to stave off the cold winters. Similar to this is another dish – porkolt, made with pork chicken or beef without potatoes but have vegetables and spices. With Hungary family holidays another creamier dish is known as turos teszta which is a plate of pasta with cottage cheese, bacons and sour cream. Aren’t they lip-smacking?


Bulgaria has something unique to offer. Almost every food joint serves shopska salad in the Balkan Peninsula. Speaking of European cuisine the recipe is quite simple: chop tomatoes, onion, cucumber, parsley and peppers.
Add oil and few dashes of pepper and salt and top it off with a healthy dose of grated briny sirene cheese. Add a bit of vinegar for a stronger taste. This salad is consumed with strong alcoholic drink prepared from pears, plums and apricots that perks up this Bulgarian cuisine.


With Romanian food, if Romania is your targeted destination, you should try Mamaliga – a dish that takes the main part in most of the main courses made up of boiled maize or corn. It is basically a thick porridge that can be cut into slices and served with bacon and sour cream.
If you are craving for your meat dishes, go ahead and order a plate of Mititei – sausages made from lamb, pork and beef mixed up with sprinkled garlic, pepper, thyme, anise and paprika. Phew!!! That’s truly amazing.


Spanish dishes rule the world and rule every tongue and you must have had quite a lot of them. Paella is from eastern Spain made from boiled rice, meat and garnished vegetables. A lot of restaurants cater to tourists with sausage.
On your all inclusive family holidays you may have heard about tapas – tiny portions of food that are shared among friends – made of piece of ham, potatoes, squid, eggs, olives and served with small pieces of bread.


French cuisine is on everybody’s mouth, specially the notable wine and cheese, but there are other palatable and famous dishes that are must-eat. Pamper your hunger with some aligot – made with cheese and roast pork and mashed potatoes.
Another great meal is the cassoulet – a thick stew of white beans, pork skin and chunks of pork, goose, sausage or lamb prepared in clay pot. One of the most widely French dishes is cuisses de Grenouille, more commonly known as frog legs that are deep fried and taken with bread for taste. With European flights enjoy your mouth-watering dishes and holidays!

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