Taste the Awesomeness of Bangladeshi Cuisine

If you are in London’s renowned Brick Lane restaurant, you are probably ordering authentic Bangladeshi food. Much can be said of other Indian restaurants all over the world. After all, don’t we all crave for some savoury and spicy treat with much of the branded Indian cuisine? If you have ever stepped on the Indian soil, or planning a trip to the Bangladeshi capital – Dhaka, it’s food that will keep you walking with head held high.
Bangladeshi cuisine is purely South Asian in characteristics and nature. Being the country of rivers and agriculture, the surplus use of rice & fish, mustard oil and the provision of fiery pastes created out of spices sometimes are hard to handle. You don’t even need a fancy kitchen to make all that. A traditional mud stove, dug in the ground, heated by wood makes you lick your fingers and crave for more.
Travel to a typical village at the outskirts of Dhaka and that’s what you get to relish – A bowl of awesome sabzi (mixed vegetable), Maach Bhuna (fish/meat cooked in heated oil with spices), begun bhaja (eggplant fried), chicken curry, bhendi bhaja (fried okra), dal (lentils) and pulao (rice cooked with cinnamon sticks, bay leaf and crispy dried onion.
Truly, Bangladesh has an astounding heritage when it comes to food. Find special food in the capital city of Dhaka that is quite reasonable, but deliciously rich too. Get to know about five special dishes that will energise your taste buds, you do not want to miss these.

Morog-Polao of Nanna Biriani

Morog-Polao is a typical, special, authentic food which is usually served at marriages and other family occasions. ‘Morog’ is chicken and ‘polao’ is rice prepared in a special way. It’s one of the most delicious foods of Bangladesh. Nanna Biriani is a renowned restaurant at Old Dhaka. It’s quite famous, so anyone can direct you there.
Vuna Khichuri of Ghoroa Restaurent
Vuna Khichuri is made of rice, dal with either chicken or beef. The rice is cooked dry with dal in a very special way, with added meat. It’s a terrific dish that you can sample at Ghoroa Restaurant located in the heart of the city.

Kacchi Biriani of Sunami Restora

Biriani or Biryani takes the kings place in the Muhglai cuisine down the Indian history. In every grand occasion, this is a must. It is made of special cooked rice and mutton (lamb/goat meat). If you leave Dhaka without even inhaling Biriani, you miss a major percentage of Bangladeshi food and culture. Sunami Restora serves the most delicious Kacchi Biriani in Dhaka (an authentic preparation of Biryani made with basmati rice and chicken and exotic spices).

Beefsteak of Mukta Biriani

Are you a steak lover? Who isn’t? You must try out the beef steak at the Mukta Restaurant, situated at Goran Tempu. It has got to be spicy and garnished with masala.
Grilled Chicken of Chhayanir
To sample the best grilled chicken in Bangladesh, head towards Chhayanir, at the new market area. You might not ever forget the taste. Savour the delicacy with special bread.
None of us might be experts in such cuisine, but we give you the platform to imagine the opportunity you can experience to enjoy road side tea stalls, plush restaurants, canteens, village ‘home-cooked’ food and the art of enjoying authentic Bangladeshi food.

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