Ten Famous Worldwide July Festivals-Part One

July isn’t that dry as most of us think. Each country, city, district and home has something or the other to celebrate. And why not, celebration sparks up a gloomy soul merging it with the culture of the place you stay, making every moment worthwhile. In this globalised world, festivals pull out the best of what stays obscured, speaking of age-old traditions, practices and rituals.
What can be more enthralling than being where the action is! Explore and experience the individuality of a place through the excitement surrounding food, people and events. July does have its share of thrilling moments when you get to know what it holds for you.

Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling – Edirne, Turkey

Such an event came out of getting some relaxation during a warfare when, during the Ottoman days, the commanders would let his men unwind by oil wrestling. The oil wouldn’t allow a good grip on the 40 men fighting for survival. The reward was so alluring; the wrestlers would do anything to their opponent to stand out as the winner.

Running of the Bulls – Navarra, Spain

Running of the Bulls or Fiesta de San Fermin as it is called in Spain breeds tremendous passion throughout the Spanish history. A huge crowd of runners are seen sprinting along the tracks being chased by a pack of uncontrolled bulls. Till today, the Running of the Bulls remains a controversial sporting event in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain.

Festival of Chariots – Puri, India

July is monsoon time in India and despite and refreshing rain, the devotees of Jagannath (incarnation of Krishna) are seen dragging three large, multi-coloured chariots. Participated by more than a million devotees and tourists, the temple-like chariots are dragged and pushed from the main temple to a garden palace.

Wife-carrying Festival – Sonkajarvi, Finland

Alive and well; celebrated since 1992, this crazy festival is truly hilarious and one gets to carry their own wife and cover a distance of 253.5m, crossing hindrances such as sand, grass and unlevelled surfaces. A fine is also generated if the load is dropped. The winner gets the lady’s weight in beer, a souvenir and tagged as the most entertaining couple.

Camel Cup, Northern Territory, Australia

So are you ready to experience something dusty? The Alice Springs in Australia explode with maddening rallies, dancing and most importantly, rugged camel races. A sight to cheer!

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