Ten Famous Worldwide July Festivals Part Two

Speaking of festivals in July, we continue to bring to you a series of worldwide famous festivals that you can be a part of while holidaying in the city.

Naadam – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

This is Mongolia’s key festival which is celebrated as a sport. It’s a festival where men take the major lead in various events such as wrestling, archery, horse racing etc. These sports are also combined with many ritualistic practices.
The proceedings begin with jockeys checking their horses to gallop across the plains, to be a winner of course. Music is an important part of the archery. The contestants are seen and heard singing and praying to their arrows to travel straight. Covered in their bright traditional clothes each archer strikes a pose along with the roaring crowd.

Calgary Stampede – Canada

The ‘Stampede’ brings in a group of world’s best cowboys and the celebration itself portrays as the ‘greatest outdoor show on earth’. The 10-day event is one of the richest rodeos on earth that offers more than C$1.6 in prize.

Marrakesh Popular Arts Festival – Morocco

The Arts Festival in Marrakesh is like a year-round festival bustling with vendors, snake-charmers, marketers calling out to the moving crowd. The vibrancy and the intense pace of the event is graced by various performers from all across the African nation. You can look forward to Berber musicians and dancers from other places such as Andalucía, Spain etc.

Gion Matsuri – Kyoto, Japan

Japanese festivals, their culture and tradition always baffle the outsider and the jubilee of the parade is not any different. The float procession commemorates the olden times during 869 AD when various dignitaries marched through Kyoto to appeal to the god of plague their prayers and plea. A group of 40 people pull and push the dangling temples on wheels. To watch how they build the temple is a sheer interesting aspect.

Festival of the Redeemer – Venice, Italy

In this festival, the Redeemer is Jesus, himself, when during a plague in 1575 and 1577, the Senate prayed and around 50,000 lives got saved from the plague. A church was built for prayers being answered and an annual festival started. Today, the event is celebrated with fireworks and arrays of boats illuminated with lights, balloons and flowers.

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