Ten Mouth Watering Street food on the Planet

Tantalizing, tasty, tempting and titillating! What can you associate these words with? With food of course! But not just any food. Come and take a peek into few of the most luscious street food around the world. Some may call it junk, some may say fattening, but if you’re on a holiday, you cannot afford to miss these, be it a snail delicacy or fried grasshopper. So here we go.

Midye Domla or Stuffed Mussels from Turkey

If this tops the list, then it surely has some magic in it. Well, you can surround your mussel dish with rice, pine nuts, raisins, saly, parsley and pepper. Make sure you boil it till the liquid in the pot is gone.

Jalebi, a sweet treat from India

How do you end your meal in India? If you ask this to an India he/she will surely tell you the secret. Though Jalebis are either prepared in the morning or in the evening, but they are an amazing sweetened snack that goes wonderfully well with samosas and bread or even with milk. It might seem confounding, but it is a deep fried wheat flour, soaked in sugar. Either satisfy your palate or rot your tooth with it, you will love it!

Hollandse Nieuwe from Holland

Aha! a dear fried or grilled fish is an amazing delicacy. Who can tell it better than the people of Netherlands, and those who have tasted the famous Hollandse Nieuwe. It’s a Herring, with vinegar, bay leaves, onion and mace. The fist is preserved in brine or vinegar for about five days, served either with chopped onion and amazing pickles.

Tang hu lu (fruit kebab on a stick) from China

Seems like an array of colourful pebbles, coated with a shining sweet syrup. Well, this is fruit kebab, a mixture of pineapple, strawberries, bananas and grapes that are coated in sugar syrup. These are extremely famous in China and across the country.

Burek, meat-stuffed pastry from Croatia

Pastry and meat are class apart but, speaking of Burek, a Filo pastry is filled with meat, vegetables or cheese and topped with sesame seeds. it is believed to have come from Turkey, but you can pick them up from any Balkan city.

The Snail Soup, Ghoulal from Morocco

Yes, that’s a snail soup and believe me, you wont slow down after having it. The Moroccans believe that these are the appropriate aids for a good digestion. Be assured that its not only the snail, there are other 14 spices that make it savoury. Use a toothpick to pick up your snail and gulp it down. Pretty easy you think?

The French Quiche

Let’s learn about the ingredients first, shall we? Well, its Pastry, eggs, milk, cheese, cream and the choice of vegetables, meat or fish. Being one of the most famous snack dish of France, the Quiche came from Germany before it was passed down to the English community.

Poutine from Canada

As per the ingredients of French fries, thin meat gravy and cheese curd. The Canadians have perfected the world’s best drunk food by drowning chips in gravy and gooey cheese. So wrong, but so right.

Arancini from Italy

Wow! this is something that every first-timer would love. It’s rice, breadcrumbs, meat or tomato sauce, mozarella, peas. These fried rice balls, coated in breadcrumbs and stuffed with a variety of different ingredients, get their name from the Italian word for ‘orange’ arancia, because of their shape and colour.

The Japanese Takoyaki (octopus dumplings)

With wheat flour batter, octopus, pickled ginger, green onion. Since vendor Tomekicki Endo first rustled up a batch of these tasty seafood snacks in the streets of Osaka in 1935, takoyaki’s popularity has spread across Japan.

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