Ten Smallest European Countries

If large is mesmerizing; small is beautiful. The top 10 European countries might be small, but extremely captivating. No wonder it’s a small world, from Monaco to Malta, come along with us to take a tour of Europe’s finest and smallest nations.

The Vatican City

The smallest walled Vatican City is tagged as a country, but also as a ‘sovereign city-state’ ruled by the office of the Pope. With just a population of 900, the Vatican is the fewest of independent state on the planet by population and area. It’s truly a must-see city while travelling to Rome. Admire St. Peter’s Basilica and explore the Vatican City.


The sovereign city-state is surrounded by France and pops up many questions and arguments. The country holds multiple record for having highest population density and the lowest unemployment rate. Marvel at massive yachts, be a winner at the casino and steal time to cheer up at Monte Carlo Grand Prix.

San Marino

The petite Republic of San Marino is the oldest constitutional republic in the world and the sovereign state. Do not despise small things, for this state has wonderful day trips and excursion up the Castello della Cesta.


Positioned between Switzerland and Austria, the tiny Liechtenstein does hold record. The state is extremely popular for winter sports dues to the mighty Alps. For city breaks, the capital city Vaduz is quite a tourist destination.


Malta comprises of three islands – Malta, Comino and Gozo. Thanks for its position, south of Sicily, in the Mediterranean. Malta is blessed with balmy climate that makes it a hot-spot tourist destination. The destination boasts some spectacular sites and temples.


Situated in east Pyrenees, encircled by France and Spain, Andorra allures numerous tourists for a day-trip with everything cheap – cheap drinks, electronics and cigars. The place is perfect for mountainous walks and winter sports.


Luxembourg may not be as one of the hottest destinations on the planet, but it is definately captivating due to the medieval castles. The cluttered town is an ideal city to try the national smoked pork dipped in cream sauce along with potatoes and beans.


Cyprus is more than discos and drinking. Scuba Diving is a major activity due to the wreck of Zenobia. This place is rated as one of the planet’s top diving sites. The ferry – Zenobia, sank on her maiden voyage in 1980.


Kosovo is Europe’s brand new country with two million people recognized. With historic buildings, vibrant markets and surreal monuments, Kosovo is a stunning destination to visit.


The petite Montenegro has a lot under its sleeves. The Adriatic coast is bejewelled with isolated coves, enchanting forests, snowy peaks, lakes, charming villages and beautiful resorts. Enjoy exciting skiing in Kolasin.

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