Ten Things to Pack to Fight the Cold with Winter Holidays in Europe

The climate of Europe during winters is quite fickle. One gets to experience sunny as well as mild and icy cold weather in the southern parts. Packing your clothes to be safe during winters can be a real challenge depending on the place and the duration of your stay.
The good news is it doesn’t have to be. The key to any good packing job is being able to mix and match, layer to warm up, and peel off to cool down. So, what are the essentials to make sure you’ve got everything you need for a stylish European vacation?

Thermal underwear

If you plan to spend your vacation at one of the coldest parts of Europe, packing warm thermal ware can save your life. They easily rolled and stuffed into your luggage, the corner of a suitcase. Wear them right under your clothes to stay warm and cozy.


Wearing a cardigan is another way to beat the cold. Black or any dark color is the best that mixes any attire. Take them off, if your are getting warm.


They may take up a lot of space in luggage, but jeans are a staple and can instantly make even the most budget backpacker look a little more swanky. And, if you wear them over thermals, well try and experience it.

Solid color short-sleeved shirts

Dark colour clothes are the best while traveling because of the versatility. Short-sleeved shirts are fitting as they can be layered. Wear a thermal underneath your pants/long skirt and a cardigan over, and then wrap a scarf

For ladies, a dress; men, a button-down shirt with tie

There will be times when dressing up is par for the course. For ladies, the LBD is perfect. On chilly nights, throw that cardigan on over it, or dress it up with a nice necklace or tie. And be sure to pack a pair of tights or (even better) nice leggings to keep your legs warm. For men, you can’t go wrong with a nice shirt and tie. This is a multi-use outfit and can stretch over dinners at upscale restaurants, performances, clubs and more.

A few pairs of shoes and warm socks

A pair shoes is extremely essential. The streets of Europe are not very smooth so ladies please take note of this. Walking with heels could be difficult. Pack a pair of flip-flops in-case you love rains, or just wear to run somewhere that doesn’t allow bare feet.

Thin sweats

Since you have your thermals, you may not need the heavy sweat-shirts or sweaters, but you do really need something quite comfortable to sleep with. Thin sweats or yoga pants are perfect and very comfortable.


You never know when you might be pelted with freezing rain or worse. A poncho that can easily fold down is ideal since it doesn’t take up a lot of room and can be easily stashed in day packs and purses.

A winter coat

Should you arrive and realize you need more warm clothes, head to a department store and hit the sale racks for some cheap options. You can donate them before you head home, or see if you can squeeze a bit more into your luggage.

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  1. hallo Berend,Dein Beitrag erklärt (mir) so einiges. Auch bei mir sind weder Wachstum noch Blühwilligkeit zufriedenstellend.Habe aber schon nachgedacht, ob es auch an der jahrelangen &#0lM8;2onoku2tur” liegen kann und mehr bodenverbessernde Maßnahmen nötig sind.Was macht Ihr regelmäßig in dieser Hinsicht?Liebe Grüße, Ingrid

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