Terrific Travel Trends on the Rise

Find out ‘what’s in’ & ‘what’s not’ this 2017

Is there anyone who does not dream of escaping the mundane routine, or search for moments to explore new places? The stars and the travel buffs have foretold that 2017 is the ‘idyllic year to travel’ and launch into new adventures.

It’s time to listen to your mind, follow your heart and order your feet to tread to the new and the unknown as well as follow travel trends 2017. Either you travel for business or for leisure. It’s now a walk in the park to buy a plane ticket, book a holiday or book a hotel. The technology has changed the way we travel for sure. We can plan our trips with just a few clicks. The convenience and modesty of travel apps allow us to enjoy our journeys so much more.

A much anticipated travel trend for 2017 is discovering new oceans and new parts of the world. Tour and holiday providers have their eyes fixed on trends. With the ever-changing tourism trade and industry, trends are a natural part. Hence, here are five trends to watch out this year.

Active & Adventure Trips

The experience here include activities such as African safari, trekking the Swiss Alps, swimming with whale and sharks and much more. For adventure travel, the graph points more to the ladies, mainly those living in USA, South America and Africa. There is an ever-rising itch among the customers for a more thrilling experience towards harsh adventure. Activities such as safari, cycling, hiking are taking stand in the first row in the 2017 travel trends.


Food Tours & Tourism

Travel and food are two brothers the world loves. Travel is finally narrowed down to food and it is one of the emerging trends among tourists. Many consider the food part as the main entrance to know about the culture and lifestyle of a destination.

The Young Blood

Being the youngest generation, their moto is ‘passion led us here’. This group has secured their status as leaders and winners in the world of travel and tourism. These are the ones that top in decision making and help to decide ‘what’s in’ and ‘what’s out’ and the tastes of the new year. They are not shy, they know how to get it. While charting out a trip, the youngsters have their options all laid out. They ask, they research and set newer travel trends.

Mobile Photography

Smartphones rule the pockets of travellers and it should not come as a surprise that most travellers look for innovative ways to document their travel. The inventiveness of today’s mobile phones never fails to capture the natural moments.

The tourism industry and tour operators do benefit from triggering into this trend, which in turn effects the marketing efforts. While you pass through the prismatic landscaped, the tour guides offer us several opportunities to pause and take photographs.

Business and Leisure Travel

Business and Leisure Travel, commonly known as ‘bleisure’ is a spicy topic among tour organisers and tourism experts this year. It has been foretold that 2017 is a very profitable trend for travellers and activity organisers, which is continue to rise in popularity.

Bleisure has been the ‘talk of the town’ and as an emerging trend for the upcoming years and there are more facts and figures predicted of its rise in the next 5 years. It’s an observation more than a trend to cater to the traveller’s needs. For years now, travellers have seen to extend their business trips into leisure travel. Hence, it is believed that this is an emerging trend.

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