The Exciting Erotic Exotic and Entertaining Rio Carnival

What is that one word that can describe the Carnival of Brazil – shocking, pulsating or wild? Well, it can be a combination of such words that go beyond description. Gear up friends from Feb 13 – 18 when the whole world comes together for the eclectic unification of a frantic energy that is released through parades, parties and extravagant pleasures. Well, no doubt that Rio de Janeiro is home to the most exhilarating parties.

Now what to do & see in the Carnival?

With more than 2 million people on the street, blinding display of vibrant costumes, music and action you jaw may just drop. Shake a leg with Samba, which is the most-loved dance that commenced from the Afro-Brazilian society. Brazilians proudly boast and show off their dance moves, culture and talents.
At the Carnival, some of the city’s finest samba schools take part in the parade. These teams begin their practice months before the real show at the Sambadrome.
Apart from the energetic samba dance, one other major event includes Carnival Balls where everyone wears a gleaming costume and dances away in sheer joy and excitement. The most admired and pricey ball takes place at the Copacabana Palace.
Freely enjoy hundreds of musical bands and performances on the streets each day. The largest and the most enthralling party takes place in Cinelandia Square where you can enjoy assorted dances and merrymaking processions. You may never know that a dancer may pull you into the group and they love doing that.

Tips towards the Carnival

Plan Ahead!

This is an international emotion and sensation, so do not keep anything for the last moment. It’s recommended that start charting out your trip in order to bag the best airfare and the best hotel room; otherwise everything is crammed and full.

Casual Dressing!

Hey, leave that Armani suit at home. You can celebrate plush holidays in style somewhere else. Since you’ll be in a crowded place the Carnival costume will surely outshine your apparel. The dress code is quite normal, matching with the features of the Carnival. Do not stand out of the crowd, mix in well and you’ll feel fantastic dear!

Be Watchful!

Keep the excitement level as high as you can but keeping on guard and lookout for petty crimes that may result in your belonging being stolen. Always carry a copy of your ID, do not expose your camera much and do not keep lot of cash. If possible keep wearing your backpack at the front guarding it well.

Speak life into your Taste-buds!

No doubt, Central and Latin America offer some of the best delicacies in the world and Rio Carnival is the best place to savour them. You can dig into a variety of options ranging from the national meat-stew to seafood and feijoada.

Party like a Madman!

Believe it or not, the Rio Carnival is highly popular that Christmas or Easter and people look forward to the festivities for months. Therefore, rest well, look fresh and healthy because there are a lot of grooves and moves you need to do. Enjoy the hospitality of the locals and have a good time in the dream destination of Latin America.

Important 2015 Rio de Janeiro Carnival dates
Rio Carnival Dates: starts Friday, February 13th till Tuesday, February 17th

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