The Pros and Cons of a Bucket List

Don’t we love maintaining a notebook, a journal kind of thing and write each and everything down? Things we go through, our thoughts, our experiences, our dreams and goals – in simple words, manage a diary.
Speaking of dreams and goals, as we age, there are things we would love and long to do, plans we have hidden at the back of our head, places we want to go, crazy things we want to do and so on. I mean, I am talking about a Bucket List! Heard that term before?

What is a Bucket List?

Well, a Bucket List is a traveller’s list of goals, or anyone’s list of goals they want to achieve. These are dreams that you want to fulfil and experiences you crave for, before you die.

What’s the Need of a Bucket List?

Abiding by personal goals and plans need to be implemented by day to day living otherwise there will be a tendency to get caught up in web of day to day activities. What all can be accomplished? What are the goals for the next three months? Having a bucket list reminds you to work on the important things and act on them.
A bucket list opens up forum views to set everything and anything you ever wanted. It’s a plan that is prepared for your entire life. It’s truly an incredible exercise, an enthusiasm that shows you a whole new layer of what lies ahead.
The main goal for creating the whole thing is not to cultivate some kind of race or escalate towards death. The whole point of creating your list is to expand every moment of our existence and live life to the fullest. It can be used as a constant reminder of the things we want to achieve in our time on earth.

Create Your Bucket List

If you don’t have a bucket list yet, its recommended that you create one soon. It won’t cost anything and most probably it will take 30 minutes if you are really into writing. If you have a list, take this opportunity to review it and see if you can add new things. Just begin to write whatever comes to your mind.
• What if die tomorrow? What would you like to do before that?
• What would you do if you fewer resources?
• What have you always wanted to do, but couldn’t?
• The places you want to visit?
• Your biggest goals and dreams?
• Things you want to see in person?
• Achievements to accomplish?
• Experiences do you want to have or feel?
• Any special moments you want to witness?
• What activities or skills you wish to learn?
• The most important things you can ever do?
• What would you like to do with you love/who are close?
• Any specific person you want to meet?
• What do you want to achieve in the different areas:
Social, Love, Family, Career, Finance, Health (Your weight, Fitness level), and Spiritual?
• What do you need to do to lead a meaningful life?
You can come up with many items you can. The items can be the things you haven’t done yet. Don’t limit yourself or constrain yourself. Feel free and release those shackles. Go on, fill up your bucket and accomplish everything you want to achieve.

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