The Top Five Gems in Indonesia

By any chance are you planning to travel towards Jakarta and Bali? If you are, we want to take you through some of the places that fall between them. Here are 5 of those staggering places that you can’t take your eyes off from.
Indonesia truly is among those heavenly places on the globe that is blessed with some amazing places that can leave you spellbound. No doubt about that! Enjoy everything from safari tours and spas in Bali to the seductive beach on Komodo, via the exhilarating capital city of Jakarta. Come and take a tour of something stunning in those places.


Jakarta is purely diverse and extremely large. It’s a pot full of enlivening things that keep visitors on their toes. Try not to drop jaws by seeing the upscale malls, heritage sites and savouring the best street food in the city.
Let your taste buds explode when you relish a meal with rice (nasi). To enjoy high-end dining, Jakarta offers classic options such as Oasis Restaurant that is set in a beautiful age-old mansion.


Spend some time relaxing at one of the renowned spas, but if you feel active, get accustomed with few of the island’s most charming and amusing tree-friendly friends at Monkey Forest, or even embark on a tour to admire some beautiful animals from Africa and other parts of the world at the Bali Bird Park.
The Night Safari stirs up magical moments for visitors after dark. To experience an amazing Balinese life, catch sunset gleaming over the ocean at Pura Tanah Lot, the most pious temples in Bali.


Why am I seeing things in Pink? Yes, Pink! On the stunningly wonderful Komodo Island, you will experience red and white sand merging to create another spectacular colour. Komodo is not only for surfers and beach lovers, its home for the terrorizing and famous Komodo dragons. They may not spit fire but they are extremely impressive in being 10 feet in length.

Tanjung Puting National Park

While these dragons attract visitors from all over the world, there is a wild side that thrives in Indonesia. It’s the world of the overwhelming Orang-utans. Visit the Tanjung Puting National Park that covers a whole area. You can trek through jungles and see rare birds and other beasts. Enjoy a boat ride down the Sekonyer River to admire various species of monkey.

Mount Bromo

A diverse kind of undomesticated quest awaits you in another park in Indonesia, Bromo Tengger Semeru situated in East Java. This massive land covers an awesome area of 800 square kilometres; the park offers several occasions to spoil your inner explorer.
Enjoy trekking across the wasteland on a pony, or get daring by doing it by jeep! However, one experience you actually can’t afford to miss is mountaineering atop Mount Bromo, a 7000-foot volcano that gives impressive views of park as well as the smoking peak Mount Semuru at a distance. Such a panorama is most remarkable at sunrise, so be warm and take your camera to treasure the reminiscence eternally.

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