The Twelve Cities in Limelight for FIFA World Cup

An event of a lifetime – The FIFA 2014 World Cup is about to set not only Brazil on Fire, but also the whole world along with every heart, mind and soul. Hordes of travellers are gearing up for this trip and game that they have been waiting for.
Twelve cities all over Brazil will host matches during the Cup, starting from the ever-popular and famous Rio de Janeiro, to a city called Manaus, situated in central Amazon. The best part is, most of these cities are coastal, so a quick escape to the beaches can be on your itineraries too. Dazzling new stadiums have been erected to spellbind the ardent soccer fans. Utilize our brief guide into the 12 World Cup Host Cities.

Belo Horizonte

The third largest city of Brazil doesn’t lack the jaw-dropping feel. You can spend time strolling down the market area, testing your bargaining skills as well as admire the glorious mountain ranges. Many overlook this city, but there’s plenty you can do.


That’s the capital! Yes it is! Many people do get surprised knowing that and ask, ‘It is not Rio’? Well, the broad aligned avenues, commodious residential blocks and amazing architecture tagged Brasilia under UNESCO World Heritage Site.


This city is an ancient gold rush mining town and a platform to visit the mighty savannahs and the wetlands of Amazon. A stunning landscape, Chapada dos Guimaraes mountain range awaits for you in Brazil. Explore fossils and cave paintings in that national park.


A city bubbling with amazing life, economical bus system and bringing hope to the needy and homeless, Curitiba is blessed with a lovely Botanical Garden, Tingui Park, Japan Square and the Wire Opera House.


With Fortaleza, you get few stunning beaches on your plate. The northern coastal region holds one of the largest cities – Fortaleza. Since years, it has been propagating about its Praia do Futuro and Mucuripe Beaches along with some luscious seafood dishes. Stroll down Beira Mar, the core, where you can admire city fair and various dance bars.


At Manaus, you will witness one of the most staggering sites of the Negro and Amazon River joining in muddy and brown waters, and wait a minute, they don’t mix. It’s an awesome sight! Manaus is Amazon’s largest city amidst a jungle so very gripping.


Natal draws large crowds into its shores to deliver the best beaches and sand dunes. Noteworthy beaches include Pipa, Pirangi, Ponta Negra and Redinha. You can enjoy the buggy rides as well as try running across the towering sand dunes.

Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre is home to several Portuguese and Italian groups who arrived there after the 2nd World War. An enormous lagoon, Lagoa dos Patos, allures people from all over. The city boasts colourful arts and nightlife scene. Other attractions include Public Market, Piratini Palace and many others.


Recife is Brazil’s most fascinating cities with a huge and popular beach known as Boa Viagem. To the world, this city is more renowned for its carnival celebration, street dancing, partying and live band processions.

Rio de Janeiro

Welcome to the largest city of Brazil! Upon landing here, visitor’s straightaway head towards Ipanema Beach, the most stunning stretch of land with sand. It’s truly sexy! You may also get smitten with Doi Irmaos Mountains, overlooking the beach.


Salvador brims with religions plus musical traditions which has been passed down from African influences. The city has everything – from hottest nightlife, charming neighbourhoods with youngsters sipping bears and grooving to the lively music. You can spend time in the art district of Pelourinho.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo thrives as Brazil’s largest city with endless attractions that includes the Museum of Art, Ibirapuera Park, and Paulista Museum. Food lovers will truly find soul-satisfying treats in here with 70 diverse cuisines from all over. You can sleep during the day; the nightlife gets wild and wilder, till dawn.

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