Tips to Make Air Tickets Affordable by Crystal Travel

While travelling might be affordable and somewhat cheap, airline tickets are quite expensive and flying can be very expensive if you do not know how to book cheap flights. Air tickets can be expensive and keeps on increasing as the airline company merge with the other and fuel price rises. In the world of travel, flights tend to get extremely pricey.

So how does one combat such expensive flights and reduce the cost? Being in the travel industry for more than 30 years, Crystal Travel UK, exposes few tips that will surely help you save money on your next vacation and flight. Come on in, and get things at a reasonable price.

The Airfare Search Engine

Use an airfare meta search engine; it is easy and fast. The site searches tickets across several airlines and offers several helpful travel aids such as fare alerts, emails, newsletters, banners, and more.

Sign Up for Fare Alerts

It is recommended that you sign up for fare alerts in addition to finding multiple search engines. Fill in the details regarding your destination, dates and let out website alert you when prices decrease.

Join the Airline Newsletter

The top and the best airfare deals are often mentioned on the site and others come in the form of promo codes and special offers. Signing up for the newsletter gives you access to such fantastic deals, as lucrative as 50% off, the given fare.

Flexibility of Dates/Times

It has been observed that the best time to book a flight has been 5-8 weeks in advance of your travel and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the best days to depart. These days are off-peak days with low fares and less passengers. You may consider red-eyes or early morning flights, they are usually cheaper.

Let’s get this challenge straight. Lengthy layover flights are less pricey and another way to save money on flight tickets are during the off-season or shoulder season. Which means that purchasing air tickets to Iceland during the fall/winter, or buying flight tickets for Mexico in summer. Hope you get it!

Book Tickets in January

Some of the most cost-effective flight deals are available in the month of January and February. It means that you do not travel during these months, it means that you should book your tickets. Book air tickets for your summer vacation in January itself. It seems as if airlines love to offer cheap flights in January, because of Spring Break or New Year celebrations.

Alternatively Check Airports

If by any chance you live near an airport, do remember to check the airfares for each, as well as other airports/air hubs close to your destination. Sometimes boarding a bus to a destination can save you the flight money.

Suppose you board a bus ride to New York, rather than flying right out of Boston. Yes, it does take more time. So you will have to weigh the value of the money and compare it to the time that would be lost.

Boarding Budget Airlines

As you search major airlines, do a research on which budget airlines can be a help to your intended travel destination. Two examples of budget airlines and destinations are Ryanair in Europe and the Southwest Airlines in the USA.

When you go for a budget airline, you will land up paying extra for snacks, drinks, baggage, card payments and boarding pass. These tickets are non-refundable and thus, they cannot be changed and they land at smaller airports that are situated away from the city.

Tips & Tricks to Bag Cheap Flights

So there you are! These resources are helpful in finding cheap flights around the world. You can score round-trip tickets from Boston to Dublin for only £400 using these techniques.

Flying need not be expensive if you know the trick to bag the best deals. Putting in the extra effort of spending an extra 30 minutes can save you a few hundred pounds. Enjoy searching and happy flying!

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