Top 10 Magical and Gripping Forests Part Two

Trillemarka – Rollagsfjell Forest

Created on December 13, 2002, the thriving natural reserve is located in Buskerud, Norway, between the mountainous areas in Numedal and Solevann. This is an ancient wilderness forest of Norway. The land has the look to allure all nature lovers with age-old trees, rivers, valleys and lakes.
There are large amounts of animals living in their natural habitat, completely dependent on the environment of the forest. Explore endangered species of birds such as Tree-toed woodpecker, Siberian Jay, the Golden Eagle, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and many more. Apart from birds, there are endangered species of fungi, mosses and lichens.

Dark Entry Forest

Dark Entry Forest, also known as ‘the village of the damned’ is a ghost town in Cornwall, Connecticut, which was once a renowned place of visitation until people witnessed strange sightings, mass suicides and mysterious murders. There were cases of hallucinations which led people to suicide and animals started to vanish.
The area is a large thick forest with rugged rocky mountains and an old town called Dudley Town. Because of the tall trees and dense forest, the name – Dark Entry Forest came into being. Local visitors and neighbouring villagers have stated that the forest is insanely quiet and without wildlife.


The Ardennes is a thriving region with extensive woodland, forests, ridges and hills situated in Luxembourg, Belgium and France. The land is rich in minerals and timber and covered with dense forests and mountainous terrain.
There was a time this land was the site for battles and thus, this place also bagged the name ‘The Battle of the Bulge’. Most of the towns in and around this area were destroyed during the battle. Today, the charm of Ardennes lies in the wide-ranging activities including hunting, walking, cycling and other tourist hot-spots.

Hoia-Baciu Forest

The Hoia-Baciu Forest, also named as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania is situated in Romania. The intriguing forest bags its name after a shepherd boy disappeared completely with two hundred sheep and therefore, most people are scared to enter. Many who have gone inside complain of nausea, vomiting, rashes, migraines and other sensations that someone is watching.
This forest has a reputation for paranormal activities of seeing paranormal activities, hearing female voices, UFO lights and people being scratched. Several scientists have managed to capture strange sightings and bizarre materials on their video.

Ancient Wuda Forest

The Ancient Wuda Forest was found buried under volcanic ash near Mongolia. It is believed that the blast came from a large volcano around 100 kilometres away and the destruction left a layer of ash that was 40 inches thick.
Under the ash a large collection of flora and plant species was found that had been extinct. The land around the forest is swampy with inches of water and peat. There were six different species of trees that were identified belonging to the family of the ferns.

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