Top 5 Affordable City Breaks in Europe

Whenever you think about Europe, you feel that it’s simply out of reach and is tough to categorize as a destination to travel within budget but, there are plenty of ways through which you can save through its affordable cities. Here you can spend your weekend without costing an arm and a leg so, take a look at top affordable weekend getaways in Europe.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm-Sweden’s capital stretches the attraction gamut from delightfully historic Old Town to the fashionable and trendsetting island of Sodermalm. Since it comprises of 14 separate islands, it invites travelers from all over the world with its class and beauty.

You’ll love the family-friendly attractions, stunning Royal Palace, elegant hotels, open-air museum and gorgeous views from Kaknastronet tower. Food is super cheap in Stockholm, so start your day with a fika which is favorite among the locals as they drink it by barrel.

Wander through the historical streets in order to avoid large crowds and spend your day doing number of things in the islands right from world’s oldest open-air museum that comprises of Stockholm’s only zoo to Grona Lund- a theme based park built in 1800’s.


Since the economy of Greece is far less optimal, it is perfect time to get fantastic deals on hotels and airfare. Travel to more popular locations instead of lesser known ones and out of the way cities.

This is where you can find the best deals to suit your budget and get the best service, even if there are more number of tourists. Santorini and Athens are among the top places to visit where you can enjoy some of the amazing views like white beaches, water and mouth watering Greek food.

Dublin, Ireland

There something unique about Dublin which cannot be explained in words. It is a multifaceted city because around every corner you’ll find something or the other new because any time of the year and day there’s something going on.

Dublin is also a perfect place to go for romantic getaways and appeals anyone who loves an urban beat, tranquil countryside, rugged seascapes and other places to explore.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Situated on the border of Europe and Asia, Cappadocia is truly breathtaking and serves as a unique destination. It is set on a high plateau in central Turkey with moon-like atmosphere and volcanic peaks. It has a different feel than anywhere else due to its warm, arid climate in summer and cold snowy winters.

Vienna, Austria

Have you got a sweet tooth and think that there is no other way to enjoy a holiday other than ice skating?

Then you are right because Vienna, Austria has just opened a huge free ice rink where you need to pay to rent skates. It is a good choice for city break that gives an opportunity to explore architectural treasures from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Since it is situated on the banks of the Danube, Vienna is an elegant city that boasts of Hapsburg palaces and landscapes gardens filled with coffee houses that serve traditional Sacher torte.

Therefore, blend the ancient and modern with best culture and cuisine on a short weekend getaway. City breaks around Europe is made viable through affordable getaways and cheap flights that cater to every traveler’s list.

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